Sunday, June 24, 2012

Caitlyn attends GIA

Cait attends the Governor's Institute on the Arts at Castleton State College. Don't know who was more excited Cait or Donna. Donna is an alum of GIA, attending all the way back in 1985
Cait's dorm room. Hope she gets used to it, this will be her living conditions next year.

The room-mate!

The Fourth of July Parade put on by the students.

Parents were only allowed to watch.

Stick puppet!!

Attending  final night gallery display and finale show

Recreating the 4th parade for those who could not attend.

Classroom visit

 Demonstration of print making.

My contribution and an addition to my hat collection

Friday, June 22, 2012

Livin the Dream!

     Livin' the dream thanks to Leslie and Steve.
 No matter where we go we get strangers  congratulating us then we remember we have these great plate frames.
Cookin' up a storm on the new grill. Our first home cooked meal after returning from our honeymoon.
Thanks again to Leslie and Steve

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Last night in Zurich

Our last night in Europe. We have come full circle in our trip, back in Zurich. We spent the day walking and sightseeing, buying gifts, and sampling the cuisine. We had an early dinner at The Spaghetti Factory where I had The Vermont, couldn't resist. We found a little out of the way bakery with these fabulous little cupcakes, the perfect dessert. We stayed out long into the night, just walking along the river awash with the glow from the shops and streetlights. This trip was amazing. We could not have asked for a more perfect honeymoon. See you stateside!!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Back to Switzerland

Today was a treat for everyone. We drove south into Switzerland to Luzern. A magnificent city on a crystal lake in the shadows of the Alps. Again we strolled, laughed, learned and had a great time. We walked the worlds longest wooden covered walking bridge that had the cities entire history displayed in the rafters of the bridge. Matthew seems to luck out by getting to come along for our adventures. After a day of tooling around in Luzern we headed to our last stop of our honeymoon, Zurich. At this point there were some tears shed, long hugs and prayers said. We can not thank Heather, Rob and their boys enough for their hospitality, generosity, and tour guiding.  Our honeymoon would not have been possible. Thank you Shumans! We can't wait to return!! WE LOVE YOU!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Spa day in Badenweiler

Today was planned to be another relaxing day.Heather drove us over to Badenweiler part of the Baden-Baden region known for its mineral hot springs. We started the day climbing to the ruined castle. The view stretched across the Rhine into France. Donna may be a Queen but I am definitely a castle man born centuries too late. We hiked back down into town and headed to the Spa. For $25 each we had access to five heated pools, and an ice cold one. a cafe and lounge for the whole day. We spent four hours floating, soaking and reviving. Time well spent. Making our way back to Kandern we hiked to the town line to their wonderful Welcome signs. We finished out the evening with a hike into the Black Forest for some Geocaching.(Google it) We found this cache where Rob had placed a travel bug for me years earlier.  Another great day.