Friday, December 31, 2010

NYE 2010

This year for New Years we decided to do something different. The Westford had a great NYE package.

The lobby had this huge ice sculpture.

Welcome!!! Monte Carlos night.

Gaming tables and a great Hor D'ouvres with raw bar.

BlackJack ... 21 .... Is that James Bond?
Stacks kept growing 20 grand a chip, started with 4

Does the word Debonair even come close?
This beauty decided to be a little coy.

Nothing like a night out. and the GoodHales partied it up.

Mike and Jeanne, some of our table mates for the night

Tom, Kathy, Steve and Debbie, the rest of our NYE gang.

Mirage brought the house down.
Waiting on the countdown in between trips to the dance floor.

This says it all, we had a great night, some casino gaming, great company, dinner, and dancing. We definitely may come back
Happy New Year !!!! 2011

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Twins OVERNIGHT visit!!

Earlier in the year we had mentioned having the twins up for an overnight. They decided to come up during their winter break. We did not disappoint.

Sledding in the city. Both were a little apprehensive as it was a bigger hill than they were used to, but one time down and there was no problem

Ready to Go!!!!!

Uncle Brad!!!!!

After a fun afternoon. Smiles all around.

Time for a few game of darts. Rachel was the winner of all games.

Renea letting one fly.

Mario Cart on Wii. Welcome to the GoodHale Amusement Park.

Those jewelry making classes with Cait come in handy again.

Custom bracelets for the girls and a necklace for Tanya.

Talking with mom.

Ready for the Hot Tub

Spa GoodHale for the twins.

Late night snack from room service.

Dipping strawberries in chocolate

3D Glasses - means we saw Yogi Bear in 3D.

Darn, time to go home. Donna and I had a great time, think the twins did too.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Hale Christmas 2010

This year Christmas for the Hale's was at my brother Greg's. The twins got new netbooks and immediately needed my help with some settings on their browsers. What are Uncles for.

First things first. Time to eat. We had a great spread. Too much to choose from. No one went away hungry.

Present Time!!! The Hale's opening their family gift. A trip to Great Escape Lodge and the Waterpark

Hank tearing into his present.

Caitlyn and her wish. Money. She got a can full of quarters.

Cousins. Renae,Rachel, Richard, and Caitlyn.

The Hale's. Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

GoodHales 2010 Christmas

Even the animals get stockings filled with goodies. Care to guess whose is whose. The girls sit for their treats

Look who had the largest gift under the tree.

Cait made a Holiday Wreath of photos.

I got a seat back for the canoe, my back will love it this summer.

Cait made me some custom ties.

This is not a Harry Potter reference, Its a GeoCache thing.

Other than money, on top of Cait's list was a new Ipod.