Friday, March 30, 2012

SEPPA or was it Bachelorette party?

What a great weekend I had judging at SEPPA! OK, so the travel to get there was a PAIN and remind me NEVER to let anyone issue me paper tickets again. But once I got there, it couldn't have been anymore fun! My roomies Jenn and Mary had decorated our room for a Bachelorette party. Jenny, Andrew and I took our judges class together a few years back. It was FUN to be all together again!

No more look alike here! Jenn with her hip new hair cut and all her hard work with the weight lost, there is no confusing us now!!

The ladies with J Michael! So lucky to have so many great friends all around the country! Thank goodness for judging so we can all see each other!!

Not sure in my years judging we have ever been able to hang out like this?! Mary used her charm to get us this great room. Large enough to fit all the judges in for a final 4 basket ball game!

You will have to ask Jessica how that game went!! Thanx Jessica for the invite to judge SEPPA. It was AWESOME!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Al's quick visit

Al was able to make a quick stop from his class in NY on his way to Boston to visit his family and then off to teach at NEIPP. Fun to see him even if it was for only 24 hours. Brad and him just passed in the hallway being how much overtime Brad was working that week! Nice we got to see him being he will not make it to the wedding!!