Monday, February 27, 2012

Jodi Picoult-2012 book tour

You know when February/March rolls around I am on the look out for the next Jodi Picoult book. This year the tour kick off took place in Quechee, VT at the Simon Pierce store.

Lori got to go for her first time. She had to change around a few of her jobs but I am sure she will do it again. Trust me, you go ONCE and you are hooked!

Not sure who has lost more weight, Lori or Jodi! Brad says she looks more like her back cover photo now! Can't express how friendly and kind Jodi is to sign all these books, listen to each person and have her photograph taken with many!

I wasn't going to be left out!! Certainly one of my all time favorite authors!! I was able to get books signed for Bethany, Courtney and Whitney! All big fans as well!! Made for some great birthday gifts!!

This best part of this trip was seeing Charlene get to meet one of her all time favorites as well! Doesn't get much better for Charlene then this... Jodi Picoult, trip to Vermont and time with some of her favorite people!!

Paul wasn't going to be left out!! Brad just getting done work when we headed out that morning, Paul got to be one of the only MEN in the room besides Jodi's husband!

LOVE that Charlene and Paul got to come and stay the night and finally meet Jodi! Next time guys I will turn the heat on in the studio!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Professional Photographers of Iowa

I don't think how ever many times you judge and speak the butterflies still get you and the stress of preparing is endless until the applause at the end. I never lose sight of the PRIVILEGED to be asked. This year my speaking/judging traveling was kicked off in Iowa.
What an event they had. 17 speakers and over 520 images. WOW!! It was awesome so see so many wonderful images and be part of such a successful event. I got to see some dear friends like J Michael (above) and Bob Hawkins. Here I am holding an image that I gave my judges Choice Ribbon to. The maker Jodi Gehman was not there but I just loved the refreshed capture of this family portrait! Best part about judging is seeing exciting new work!

Visit to the Deuso in Iowa

I was lucky to be able to schedule a few extra days before the Iowa convention to spend with the Deuso family. Even more lucky that Alyssa and Maya had diving practice one of the days to check out their new sport!

Above you can see both girls on the board at the same time!! Not even sure if they knew they were! Here is Alyssa talking to her coach after a couple of hard hits. This is one tough cookie! I don't think I would have gotten back on that board after hitting the water that hard. That is what makes her soooo good!!

So AWESOME to just hang out and catch up with everyone. It had been years since I had been there and I really just enjoy being part of their day to day lives! BUSY BUSY they are!!