Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mums 2010

Yep, that time of year again! Time to get the MUMS. Last year we took Lola and she almost jumped out of the Jeep, being scared of the mums in the back with her. This year there was not enough room for her and Lexie plus all the mums. The girls stayed home while we went to Pattie's Patch! We always have so much fun picking out the mums, pumpkins, and fall goodies. We had the perfect day to pick up the stuff, go home and plant everything then! Brad's the MAN!!

The end to a perfect fall day is the perfect fall food. I made Brie with granny smith apples, raspberry, cooked in croissant! YUM YUM!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Vermont CATEX 2010

What is CATEX? Its short for Catastrophic Exercise. The Vermont Homeland Security Unit and Vermont Emergency Management have spent over a year planning this 3 day event. I was one of the 120+ evaluators, as I am specially trained in HSEEP ( Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program ) to evaluate a specific evolution. I started with an evaluation of the evacuation of the Rutland 911 PSAP then traveled to Barre for a structural collapse.
This is the Incident Command Post of the Vermont USAR team (Urban Search and Rescue) my area to evaluate the command team and the use of the ICS(Incient Comand System)

The structural collapse started around 2pm at the Barre Fire Station and ended the next day around 4pm.

You are seeing -
A planning meeting during the 1st operational period including, safety brief, rescue objectives, medical plans logistic needs and demobilization plans.
Morning breaks over the newly installed shoring. Its what keeping this building up. Shoring the D side of the building, safety is paramount and these guys knew there stuff.
Fellow evaluators in the wee hours of the night.
Very, very, very cool. I love doing this stuff.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Colton Pond

Another pond to check off and add to the list. Colton Pond is hidden in the middle of the Green Mountain National Golf Course. Is that a lake monster in the background?

Donna and the girls, getting ready to shove off, good thing we got something to eat back at the dog expo.

So this is what it looks like from the front.

Mommy, why is HE up here?

Not sure what green this is, but the course wraps around the pond except for the access road.

Someone got tired and decided to lay down for the tour.

Hell of an afternoon for a canoe ride. Sure do love having the canoe, we have had some great days out and about on the waters in the area.

A day in Killington 2010

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs and Dogs. A very special theme in out lives. We heard about a Dog Expo up at Killington, Se we loaded up the girls and headed out.

We found a distance jumping contest, where with a running start the dogs jumped into a pool. Lola and Lexie enjoyed the dog company throughout the crowd.

Donna and I stopped for a bite to eat, we would be needing energy for our adventure later in the day.

Along the way we stopped to view the area hay bale sculptures.

A Lion at The Killington Grand

Turkeys, dogs, bears, and cows!?! OH MY!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The PPANE Hasbeen Club

Here we are ... still standing. I don't think anyone can really know what the three of us went through on the PPANE board over the last 5 years. If it wasn't for Gillian and Bob, I NEVER would have survived.

This is the BEST photo you could EVER be in. I know last year it was Brad's FAVORITE to see me in... The PPANE Past Presidents!

Gillian and I are two of the ONLY 5 female PPANE presidents in over 115 years.... WOW!

For all the things I can be thankful for that I gained from PPANE, these two guys are on the TOP of the list. I know if it wasn't for serving on the board we never would have gotten so close. I LOVE you guys, thank you for being YOU and being my PPANE bookends!!

PPANE 2010

Well after over 20 years attending PPANE conventions, 2010 is one that will stand out!!!

You see Nancy had all of us WORRIED to death about her! She spent more time in the hospital then she did at the convention. Being my roommate, I went right along with her!

The three QUEENS being introduced into the banquet !!

I have had a lot of honors in my photographic career, and this will certainly be added to my list. It was my honor to install the 2010-2011 PPANE board. With the one and only BFF, Nancy Green as president!!

This is and will be my LAST association board photo. I have spent ALL of my adult life serving on photography boards. The time has come to take a break and let the next wave of volunteers step forth.
The hard part is they become your family. I will miss the regular gatherings with some of my closest photo friends!!

Just a year ago I was giving my presidents medal to Candace. She works soooo hard for PPANE! God bless her!!

Nancy will certainly go down in history as the PPANE president that NOTHING was going to stop her from being installed. Nancy you AMAZE all of us and YOU are what PPANE needs right now!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Vermont State Fair 2010

You know it is a sure sign the summer is coming to an end when the Vermont State Fair rolls around! It worked out again that Caitlyn was able to join us on the weekend of the fair!

The highlight of the day was going to the demolition derby!

Most come to the fair for the greasy food, cotton candy or the fried dough. Not ME, I'm here for the FROZEN banana!

Out from the crowds, I heard my name being called. I look around and there is Joanna McCullough. One of my favorite clients!

Her husband wasn't sitting with her because he was IN the derby! Here is his car "Tree Man"

It was great actually knowing someone to CHEER for!

OK, so things didn't end so well but we had a blast cheering!!!