Saturday, December 31, 2011


Can't think of a better way to end the year and start the new one then with a Save the Date, New Years Eve party!! How lucky are we to have the IMPECCABLE handwriting of Bethany! She was the key to the whole project!!

Then of course with Miss Gina and her glue gun ability and no nonsense working skills! We were in business!

Helps to have all the tools you need. Between my framing tools and Brad's carpenter tools we were golden! Made production speedy and efficient!!

With everyone knowing us as the GoodHale's, it only seemed appropriate to signify the actually merge!

And just like that you have 60 Save the Date chalk boards done! All before midnight hit!!

With the final inspector being Remy, we were good to go and ready for mail when the post office opened on Tuesday!

That is a wrap on 2011!

Good thing we got this October 28th snow fall or there would have been no 2011 Christmas Card photo!!

Talk about pulling it together QUICK! Report of snow on Thursday. Ran around town Friday night to find matching clothes to go with the coat I had ordered for me. MUCH more stress in finding clothes to wear in the winter but not be to bulky.

It worked out perfect that Brad got done work at 6AM, showered and off to Manchester we headed. World famous photographer, Courtney Stevens met us there. Picked up Caitlyn. Drove around 15 minutes to find a spot and here is where we landed. Finished just in time for Cait to go to work! Great Job everyone, really pulled this off!! One of my favorites yet!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Chief Bossi

After 35 years of service with the Rutland City Police Department, Chief Anthony Bossi retired.

Donna donated her skills and captured this legacy image to hang in the Station.

Leaving for the last time. Wonder if he has a similar sign at home?

The men and women of the Rutland City Police Department salute Chief Bossi as he leaves the station for the last time. Good Luck!!! If you run short on stress and tension come by for a visit!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Batcheller Mansion Inn

Not wasting anytime we found the perfect setting for our wedding. This is the Batcheller Mansion Inn in Saratoga Springs, NY. This is one beauty of Victorian style architecture. It hold it own patents for the construction techniques used to build it.

Check out the following pictures and enjoy.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

GoodHales Christmas 2011

Christmas morning!!! Yes the pets get gifts too. Santa doesn't forget them!

Yes this is Christmas morning, and yes that is Mark in the background. Someone didn't read the train schedule right and missed the train home.
Hi Mark!!!!

Nothing like a new insulated Carhartt sweat coat.

Nice boots Cait, you'll be styling walking though the slush this year!!!!

Donna opening an iPhone accessory. She can now swipe credit cards on her phone!!!

This is the handmade gift from the GoodHales this year. A cutting board with a Vermont outline and names routed into them.

I am really hitting the jackpot, along with Trump ties, I get this great dress shirt and tie combo. I definitely will be stylin' in the new year!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Preposal

After 5 years it was time. So after the festivities and with the Austin/Williams/Allo gang I posted the following on Donna's Facebook page.

It started with a wink I got, signed Hugs, D.M.G.
On a chance you made a choice, how fortunate for me
A MATCH made in cyber space, through IM and email
We shared all our stories with every intimate detail
Hours upon hours we spent talking on the phone
Neither of us wanting to spend those long nights alone
We made a love connection, which was clearly heart to heart
And every day since we kissed, we’ve hardly been apart
I met your friends, and family, and all your associations
I ‘m proud to say, I joined your world without hesitation
Along with me came Caitlyn, you got two for the price of one
Even with the ups and downs, we’ve had a hell of a lot of fun
Now here we are together, as a whole kit-and-caboodle
A home, a kid, a kitty, and a couple of golden doodles
So now’s the time that I digress and must make a confession
I’ve penned this verse with the intent to ask you the question
You’ve been my Ethel, and I your Vern, from the very start
The relationship that we have crafted, is a classic work of art
For every Queen there is a King, forever shall they reign
I will always be your superhero, if you’ll be my Lois Lane
So here it is, the time has come, to get down on my knee
I’ll ask the question, Please say yes, Will you Marry Me?

Long story short After posting the proposal and having her check her page. I proceeded to recite the above and offered her the ring in front of Caitlyn and our NYC family. She said YES!!!

NYC Chirstmas 2011

NYC in da house!!! and MA too!!! Very rare that we have the whole Austin/Williams gang in house along with God father Vince. It's a Christmas miracle!!

Somebody was excited for her yearly present that comes in a robins egg blue box!!!

Uncle Vince gets in on the action! What is it? What is it? Is that Macy's wrapping??

Tina getting her yearly handmade gift from me.

No, Mark did not get this pin-up. Jelani did. Can someone say Salena Gomez crush!!!!!

Me too, me too. OOh!! and Macy's wrapping also. ( couple of Trump Ties, ooh-la-la)

The gang's all here. It certainly was a special one having the whole gang around for Christmas. Mark you need to come up every year!!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Policeman's Ball 2011

The 2011 Rutland City Policeman's Ball was highlighted with our thanks to the Vermont Army and Air Guards for their help with Hurricane IRENE. Vermont Air Guard General accepts on behalf of the men and women of the Vermont Guards

Accepting my physical fitness participation award for 2011. I am the only Communications Operator who completes the physical testing.

Are we not a handsome couple? Look at that purple shirt, and the little black dress, ooh baby!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

RCPD Shift Party!

Night Shift 1 Holiday get together. Can you say Red Solo Cup!!!!

(Apple Pie Jim Beam Honey was the drink of the night)

Steve and Danielle's grand entry. Or should I say Mickey and Minnie.

Ted and Justin hamming for the camera.

Everyone needs a little Red Stag in their life!!!

Kristy and Frank hanging out in the front room!

JJ and Leslie. Not quite sure their dog knew the picture was being taken, or maybe it did!!

Justin and Jess, the newlyweds!!

Guess who? Brad and Donna,
Thats who!!

Not only was it a holiday it was actually Kristy's birthday. Happy Birthday!!!!