Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mr Hale turns 42!!

HAPPY HAPPY Birthday!! Brad got to start his 42nd year with breakfast in bed!!

Off season camping was the plan!! Jeep is loaded and ready to go!!

Being off season, the park is closed. We found a side road that came right up to the site we wanted. We were able to bring the stuff in from here and then park the Jeep at the park entrance.

This is the view from the site. Yes, Lake Bomoseen was RIGHT there!!

Call me crazy but I LOVE setting up camp!!

So is there really a difference besides a couple of changes of clothes and some extra food if you stay one night or 3 nights????

Can you hear that???? You can't??? I can.... it is PEACE AND QUITE!! The best part of off season camping.... we were the only campers there!! A couple of trail works that only slept there. This is how camping should always be!!

Look at this weather!! We got the best day of September!!

Lola runs with me to be in the timer photo!! LOL

She finds her spot!! Look we were the ONLY ones on the beach too!!

La La Lola had a blast in the water!!


That is the view from the beach to our site!

I want to LIVE here!!

FUN FUN FUN to have the run of the place!!






What a way to spend your birthday. We really did have a nice relaxing time and ended the night with a cozy camp fire!! Happy Birthday Brad! LOVE you LOTS!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Reign of the Queen

Let the fun begin!! Our Thursday night tradition of PPANE!! Time to take a deep breath, WE MADE IT HERE. A few drinks, dinner and name our comp prints!!

Absolutely one of the MAJOR highlights of my presidency was having Helen Yancy do my official PPANE presidents portrait.

Brad and I couldn't take our eyes off it! WOW, Helen you are the BEST at what you do!!

Here I am getting ready for my Blog program! Mary there to help!!

Beth made her annual visit to PPANE. I actually got to spend more time with her this year!!

These 5 people were my foundation this year. TEAM 100% all the way. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!

Brad ALWAYS there to help. For all of you that think I did a lot for PPANE this year, you need to thank Brad because he made it possible for me to do what I did!!

I was humbled to think my friends like Mary and Al came all the way to NE to support me. You guys are once in a lifetime friends. I love you both!!

What is a queen without a crown??

WOW... look at all the STUFF I collected this year!!

WOW WOW WOW... look at all the paperwork I collected with my 10 years on the PPANE board. I was VERY happy to donate much of it to the PPANE archives.

Someone just told Brad that we were unable to have the business meeting and I was going to have to be president one more year!!!

The VERMONT gang! Better watch out... they are taking over the WORLD!!

I bet this was the BEST photograph Brad has EVER seen me in. The past Presidents of PPANE.

Could this be my LAST speech as president???

One of the most honorable things I got to do as president...

Present Candace with my Presidents Medal!!

I did ALL for this AWESOME plaque!

My mother surprised me with a presentation! Boy parents have a knack of embarrassing you no matter how old you are.

Mom and I with an award from the VFW

Well it is official... Tom is now a QUEEN!!

Here I am with Roland and the print that I bought in honor of him. I wanted this print due to the fact that I have the same posing chair from Norm Potter.

I don't think we came off the dance floor all night!!

It was nice that Mom and Dad got to meet all my photo friends!!

What is a queen without her KING!!

The student volunteers were AWESOME!! This program means the world to me. I am looking forward as past president to work on making it grow!

Candace you worked so hard this year! THANK YOU!!

18 years later they are still the best band EVER, Malloi you ROCK!!

Well the Queen's reign is over. What an AWESOME experience!!