Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Brad finishes at CCV

My educational journey takes a new turn. After several semesters of general education courses at CCV, I have finished my last class there. I ended with an Assessment of Prior Learning class. Over this semester I documented my prior adult college level learning covering my career and training from the Air Force, Police service, Fire service, EMS, Fish and Wildlife, Emergency Management, and Homeland Security. Many friends, co-workers, supervisors and experts weighed in with letters documenting my learning. A biographical essay, my resume' and pages of supporting certificates all to create a 100 page portfolio. This complete body of work will be examined by 5 professors who will hopefully grant my request for 61 college credits. Added to my 15 from CCV and 23 from CCAF which will put me at 99 credits. To complete my Bachelor Degree I must move on to a bigger school as CCV only offers Associate Degrees. My choice is the National Labor College in Silver Springs, Maryland. Looking forward to a 2013 graduation.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Garbers on the East Coast!

Some of my FAVORITE people came to visit the East Coast! The GARBER'S!! Not only Mark and Jen, but Charlie too!! Auntie Donna needed to make sure that Charlie had lots to play with!

I am not sure who liked the bunny more... Mark or Charlie!

For how many times people confuse Jen and I or think we are related, now all the PPANE people think Charlie is exactly what a little girl would like like if I had one! I will just SPOIL her and leave all the tough stuff to Mark and Jen, they seemed to have figured it all out!

"Please buy STUFF from my Mommy and Daddy so I can go to college and not be a photographer!!"

Or so Mommy and Daddy can afford to buy me lobster!!! YUMMY YUMMY!!

After their lecture at PPANE the next day we headed to Boston for the day. We got to take Charlie to the Boston Children's Museum.

I am not sure who is the bigger kid, Mark or Charlie. SIZE has nothing to do with it!! LOL

I was soooooo HAPPY to spend time with Mark, Jen and Charlie. They really are special friends that I just don't get to see enough. I MISS them just writing this!! LOVE you guys LOTS!!

If my weekend wasn't AWESOME enough. I found out that my image above was the HIGHEST scoring image for PPANE with a 95. I received the Kodak award!

Sometimes when you push that button you just know you GOT IT! This was one of those times. I was photographing Nancy Green’s niece’s wedding. Like many reception locations, when the family arrives and after the posed photographs they have them in a separate area during the cocktail hour. As Nancy’s parents shared a glass of wine together you could see them getting silly and giddy. As the family cleared out and headed downstairs for the reception, Sally and Al were still sitting on the coach and truly enjoying the moment. So much to celebrate after 65 years of marriage, 3 amazing daughters and 5 grand daughters, knowing the family as well I do, I knew Sally and Al were just basking in all the blessings in their life. When I pushed the button I knew what I had captured, “Endless Love”. I have been lucky to be recognized for my competition work in the past, but having an image so special to my heart means more then words can express.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Courtney turnes 24!!

Donna, The Birthday Queen could not let a family member's birthday go unnoticed even away at PPANE.

Happy Birthday Courtney!!!

24, pretty, and yes guys, she is single!!

Even a cake, all the way from Vermont. If you can't read it the sticker says 'Awsome Aunt' from Lola and Lexie.

Happy Birthday Courtney!!!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

NYC Birthday Tour-Day five

You guessed it, We are at the TODAY Show. Hope we make it on screen. "I'm ready for my close up!'

Looky, Looky. We made it. The GoodHale's on national TV, two days in a row, and no one in handcuffs!

Perfect spot, just over the host's shoulder.

Driving in NYC. There was no traffic when we came in (5am) just a tad bit more now (9am). Off to Jersey.

Another TLC show. CAKE BOSS. Guess what this early in the morning there is no line. We got right in, sampled some goodies and headed home. I'm told the line gets up to several hours long sometimes. Suckers!

Here is the proof it was quite a weekend.!!!!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

NYC Birthday Tour-Day four

An early morning plus a long wait in the pray line equals "Regis and Kelly" We were told to expect maybe 7-8 would get in, They had no idea we had Donna with us, they let in all 27 of us in line. WooHoo!

There, there, and there. What a blast. I think Kelly even winked at me.

Speaking of Project Runway, Cait go to visit MOOD, the fabric store that the designers shopped at for the last few seasons.

Not to be outdone, Donna got to visit Kleinfeld's, home to TLC's Say Yes to the Dress. It was taping day but they still let Donna and Cait in for a photo.

A short subway ride to the bottom of Manhattan Island and a crowded ferry ride later and we were in the company of Lady Liberty herself.

We did a little shopping along Fifth Ave. Cait found Michael Kors new store.

Time for a little beautifying. Cait gets some make up tips form a professional at Sephora.

Our last night in NYC. Here is the whole famn damily. Care to guess where we are going very early tomorrow morning?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

NYC Birthday Tour-Day three

Back in the city and ready for the day. While waiting for our bus tour, we decided to take a photo op at a local television show. I know I've heard of this one, must be on after my bedtime.

We took a 3 hour bus tour of the TV and Movies scenes around NYC. Hard to tell but this is the
firehouse that housed the Ghostbusters. Oh yea, Cait got new shoes at the last stop, Reebok Zigs. Just like someone else.

Recognize this stoop? It the front shot to the Cosby Show.

After the tour, Donna met up with a wedding couple to do some casual pre-wedding shots. They are getting married in Rutland in two weeks.

After the session we met up with the other half of our NYC family, Mark and Jelani. Not sure what they were thinking ordering these.

Our final stop for the day is high on Cait's list. F.I.T. one of her dream schools for college. Maybe we'll see her on Project Runway.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

NYC Birthday Tour-Day two

Locust Manor, our neighborhood station for the LIRR (Long Island Rail Road), Waiting for the early morning train into the city.

We started our tour with a little shopping down on Canal Street. Trinkets galore. I tried to find a watch but I never found one I really liked, and the ones I sort of liked the vendors seemed put off by my offers. Cait and Donna both found items to help sustain the local economy.

Our big treat for Cait, The Lion King on Broadway.
Waiting outside the Minskoff Theater.

"TADA" !!!!!!

Tickets at the ready. What a performance we saw. If you get the chance, go see it. It was fabulous.

Even away from work, its never far from my mind. Like Donna, I love my work. This would be a cool place to punch a time-clock at.

What would a trip to Times Square be without a visit to the wax museum.

The world's powerhouses meet!!

"Hey!, just a minute, i'm on the phone"

Bieber Fever!! Every young girl's dream.

What better way to end the day than to view the city at night from the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING!

Friday, April 8, 2011

NYC Birthday Tour-Day one

Cait turned 16, so in celebration we headed off to NYC to sample the sights, smells, noises and the experience called the Big Apple. Our destination and home base for the weekend would be Jamaica, Queens .. where you guessed it ........

our NYC family lives. After big hugs all around and settling in we headed out to have dinner with Tina and Jelani.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vermont Professional Photographers 2011

Here we are!! Nancy and I at the VPP banquet! My award winning print of Nancy's parents!

Here are the youngins, Matt and Courtney at the banquet. Nice of them to hang out with the old folks!

Some of my most favorite people!! Sad not to have Peter with us this year but we did our best to have a good time!!

125 years for the Jenks Studio. I am so proud to know the Jenks family and consider them family. Congratulations on 125 years of professional photography!!

I was honored with a Fuji award, a Master's Court and a judges choice award. If you know me I am competitive and I was very pleased with my 5 out of 6 blues!

Courtney holding our multi maker Album Award! You go girl!! Great job laying it out!!

Nancy giving her PPANE president message. I was holding the phone so Peter could be part of the banquet and I couldn't get up to take a photo.

PPANE Prez in the house!!

You go girl!! PPANE Prez kicking butt!!

Brad with his back up crew!!


Sometimes all the work that goes into these ribbons on our necks makes you feel like you are hanging yourself!!

The Expressions Gang!! I am one lucky girl!!

I am not sure who loves Don the most, me or Brad!!

So happy my Super Hero was here for the VPP banquet and for celebrating the great night Expressions had!!