Friday, July 27, 2012

Davis 2012 Family Reunion

Its been a couple years so that means it's Davis Family Reunion time.
All bean lunch?!? Baked Beans, BBQ Beans, Chili w/Beans, Three Bean Salad, Five Bean Salad
Mom hosted this year at the Bomoseen Camp Ground. Not sure what the Sisters are doing here.

The men folk, discussin' important thangs

A lot of the younger family    (all in their 40's) made it as well.

Aunt Lois and I sharing stories new and old.

Now this is a summer picnic lunch.
Camp GoodHale
Our home away from Home for the duration.
                             Sneaking away

Emergency rain shelter, sort of. Someone should have checked it for holes first.
Floyd, Hazel, Lois, Avis, Susan, and Laura
                               Davis Clan

Monday, July 9, 2012

Better late then never!!

With all that's been going on around here, we are a little late with the beautification of the deck. Better late than never!

This year we planted Red, White, and Blue Verbena, Coneflower, Spider Flower, Apricot, Peach and Cherry Superbells, and Bluebird.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

NYC in the house!

Every summer Jelani comes to stay with his Ninang, for vacation and basketball camps.
This summer was shortened some due to a recent event in June (hmmmm?)
But J-man was on hand for the July 4th demolition derby at the fairgrounds.

Button Bay, Lake Champlain.

 Trying to get the whole summer's worth of activity into a few days.

On the water, we added Lake Champlain to our ongoing list of lakes, ponds, and rivers

RHS Basketball camp.

Man with the moves

Lay-up time. 2 points