Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Motorsports Hall of Fame at Talladega Speedway. Just 20 minutes away from my training. I have plenty of NASCAR fans as friends and family, this was a perfect place to enjoy and get some gifts.


I think a Waltrip car.

The King, Richard Petty.

Victory lane.

I know plenty of people who look forward to being here on Sundays!!

The grandstand at Talladega is a mile from end to end. DON'T FORGET WHERE YOUR SEAT IS.

Just missed the race.

Looking down the entrance roadway.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Training Again!

Lucky for me as an instructor, update training is mandatory. I headed back to the Center for Domestic Preparedness in Anniston, Alabama. I would be taking two week long courses. TERT - Technical Emergency Response Training, and RP - Respiratory Protection Management.

Sitting in class waiting to suit up in Level B Chem Suits. Notice the concentration

Level B includes SCBA, self contained breathing apparatus. Luckily I am very familiar with it from my Fire service days.

In the lanes waiting for subjects to decontaminate. My position is Decon Command. Notice the spiffy boots and gloves.

Subway scenario, Survey and Monitor for nerve agent. In this case GB or VX.

Checking for nerve agent with the latest in detection gear.

Got a hit, VX. (deadly).

International Relations. I make friends from Israel. Six members of the Israeli Defense Force were my classmates for the first week. I traded my RPD hat for the shirt.

My IDF shirt. I have an invitation to visit them, who knows?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Surprise Surprise... Heather joins the 4 0 Club!

One of my favorite places, and some of my fondest memories.... Rhode Island!! Here we are at Roger Williams overlook. If you have ever been to RI you see the name Roger Williams all over the place. Here is is overlooking the city and keeping an watchful eye!

Great view of the State capital!!

Kathy and I had the day to meander around. After our adventure to the overlook we headed for lunch down town. We made an attempt to buy the boys at home some Brew House t-shirts or glasses but they were all out. It is the thought that counts!!

Our challenge for the day was turning the GPS off and finding our way on the back roads from the mall to our old place. Sure enough we did it even found our ice cream stand we used to LOVE to come to. Gosh 20 years later and there it was!!

Then the main event!! HERE SHE COMES...

Happy 40th Birthday Heather!

RISP girls together again! It has been a few years. Wish that Beth could have joined us too!!

Heather blowing out the 40 candles!!

Heather with all her handsome men! It was so great to see them all! I can't believe how much the boys have grown. Look at Andrew he is taller then mom and dad! Seems like yesterday he was born! There must have been something in the water in Germany!

Heather with on of her dearest friends from High School, Amia. Because of Amia's relationship with Heather and then my relationship with Heather we introduced a couple that then got married and are living happily ever after. How cool is that!!

What a wonderful weekend Kathy and I had in RI! No matter how many years go by, I still LOVE it there!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Mr Whipple turns 50!

You know it is a good day when you get to celebrate the life of one of the most original, thoughtful, most awesome people you know. That was the kind of day we were going to have on March 11!! Mr Whipple turned 50 and we got invited to celebrate!

The man of the hour with his cake!

Don gets to have his cake and eat it too!!

Brad and I with the man of the hour sneaking in!! We had such a great time and I was so honored to be asked by Don's wife, Louise to say a few words about Don and his impact on our profession.

The highlight of my evening was spending some time with Sidney, Don's WONDERFUL daughter. She is just as one of a kind as Don. To think I was just about her age the first time I met Don. Now 25 years later! How did that happen???

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jodi PIcoult book signing!

Is this how you treat the wonderful boyfriend who just worked a 12 hour overnight shift, got done at 6am and was in the car by 7am to go to a book signing of your favorite author that he so graciously got for you? Absolutely! you let him sleep all the way to Hanover, NH.

I do admit listening to an author talk about their book and read from it as well is pretty cool. Even though I have yet to read one of hers. Jodi Picoult is one of Donna's favorites and this was our second reading/signing at the Hanover Inn where Jodi always starts her tour from. This book was a little different as she collaborated with a musician and wrote songs to accompany the book. Each track is a start to a chapter in the book. Very neat.
We were the first in the country to get her book. Donna good friend Charlene also loves Jodi so we had our second copy signed for her and sent it to Rhode Island for her to enjoy.

18 Novels, many childrens books, several plays and some short stories along the way Jodi is one busy lady revealing she had just finished next years book. I guess I'll know where we will be next year around this time.