Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Orleans FUN!!

Nothing like a little partying in the Big Easy. SMOOOOCH!

Donna and Candace, Past and Present PPANE presidents.

So the ladies hit the dance floor, guess what that meant. Purses needing security. Go ahead try to snatch these. I think Mark's goes better with his ensemble.

Finding "Endless Love" in the Print Display area.
Can you say Master, Loan!!

Matty had a print go loan too!
Congrats Matt, looking forward to more of your thinking.

Yep, holding someone's purse again, at least this one goes with my outfit.

Posing with our roomies, Mark, Jen (wedding photographer extraordinaires) and precious Charlie.

Hey, Hey its the Whipples. It was great to have some more Vermonters in da house!!!

The couple in "Endless Love" just happens to be Nancy's parents.

That's some chunk of ice you've got there. Bet we go over on weight on checked luggage going home!

SMOOOOCH! Don printed "Endless Love" for competition, on KODAK paper. Can anyone say KODAK ELITE?

What a Night, 2nd place Portrait Grand Imaging and 1st place KODAK Elite. I'm betting they are not going to fit in the purse.

MARY, MARY!!! No one parties like Mary, we love getting the chance to hook up with her. Love you Mary!!

This is what happens when I am in a program? Donna and Bernie enjoying Hurricanes on the river walk. Looks like Bernie had several!!

Every Queen and King needs a court Jester!

AAHHHH! What a great looking couple!!

I don't believe I have the the giddy and my up to block this guy!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

IDCE-International Disaster Conference

How cool was this. I just happened to click the convention center link on Donna's itinerary and found out that the IDCE was having a convention at the same time as Imaging USA. I let her know that I would be accompanying her on the trip. Then I let her know why. It was great to network with Emergency Management professionals from around the world. I even got to hear current FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate and first Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge speak!

Monday, January 16, 2012

BIG night!

To think that not just one but TWO people asked me to be their degree sponsor at the PPA convention this year was a HUGE honor!

I think the only other man I know as punctual as these two about being on time is Brad! Only seemed fitting to get them F-Stop watches in celebration of their degree's!

How handsome do these two look!!!?!!!

It is OFFICIAL! We all made it across the stage, no trips, no embarrassing moments and all with a HUGE reward of many years of hard work!

Here I am with Bernie E Littlefield, Certified PP, M.Photog., Cr. and Mr Don R Whipple, M.Photog! Congratulations two of my favorite people you both have worked so hard for so many years for this achievement and it was such an honor to be part of your spotlight!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Career Highlight!!

At the Grand Imaging Awards at Professional Photographers of America I was awarded 2nd place in the Portrait category for my image "Endless Love". My image was selected out of over 4000 images. I am pictured here with the President of Professional Photographers of America, Don Dickson and the chairman of the Photographic Exhibit Committee, Dennis Craft.

Later that evening at the Kodak Elite reception the same image was awarded 1st place in the Kodak Elite Award. In the professional photography industry this is considered the "Oscar" of the year! With me here are two of the judges, Helen Yancy and Dennis Craft. Both past presidents of Professional Photographers of America. The evening was certainly a career highlight for me and one I will never forget! It was an incredible honor!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Our first night in New Orleans and we were surprised by Mary, Nancy and Jen with an engagement party.

When in Nawlins, do as the Nawliners do. These are voodoo doll that were picked out represent Donna and I.

No one told me it was a masquerade party?

Hey, careful with those, it feels like I'm being shaken around!!

Bride and Groom to be!

This is called a King Cake, a specialty down there. Somewhere baked inside is a baby doll. If you are the lucky one with it in your slice, GOOD LUCK is coming to you.

Mark Garber toasting our impending nuptials.

Cheers, Mary!!

Friends from around the country in attendance. We are lucky.

Font size

The whole damn gang. Thank You ..
Mary, Nancy, Jen, Charlie, Mark, Wayne, Sally, Ed, Linda, Dori, and Patty.

A great first night in N O.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dan says... SAVE THE DATE!

Daniel, the Inn Keeper at the Batchellor Mansion says "Save the Date" for the GoodHales.
We stopped by on our way out. We were headed to New York City, to Kleinfelds for Donna's wedding dress appointment and then flying out the next day for ImagingUSA for Donna and the International Disaster Conference for me, both in New Orleans.