Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cait's Science Fair

This year Caitlyn did her project for science fair on how music effects peoples moods.

Caitlyn explaining her project!

Look at all Cait's hard work! She got an A!!! Way to go Cait!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Big Head Todd & The Monsters

This my friends is Big Head Todd and the Monsters. An absolutely great band that I have only been recently introduced to. BHTM is the #1 Band according to Donna. And as luck would have it they were playing two gigs in Vermont during February. Donna got two sets of tickets for Xmas.
The crew above is the group that accompanied us to the Higher Ground show in South Burlington. Me, Donna, Don Whipple, Louise Whipple, Mike Perrin and Lisa Perrin.

Todd Mohr seen here led the Monsters for two straight hours non-stop mixing newer stuff with some well worn classics of theirs. All were really new to me only having heard the older stuff just recently. What a show the put on, just straight forward, rocking, soulful music, purely for the fans.

Don and Louise
Brad and Donna
Mike and Lisa

BHTM at the Pickle Barrel in week later. An even better show than Burlington.
Donna and I arrived and had a lite fare dinner and then scored a great position at the balcony. The crowd was very into the Monsters, think everyone sang along with most songs. Donna had brought her camera and scored almost 500 images. She also increased her obsession for Mr Mohr....wink, wink.

Todd seduces the crowd with his fantastic voice range as well as his mastery of the lead guitar. His skills blew me away, in person he just wails, period!!!!!

Heres a funny note, while waiting for the show to start in Burlington, Donna leaned over and said "I think my cousin just went into the bathroom". We staked out the door and sure enough out she came. What a surprise. Not only her but a whole crew of her family was there.

Want to sample what we better BHTM gives away their music, how cool is that.

Valentine's Day 2008

Valentine's Day this year was celebrated on a budget.  Donna got me my favorite sweet treats I haven't had in more then a year a whole bunch of photos on magnets for my locker at work.  Donna had been hinting all during our card games that she would like a new deck of Phase 10 cards. So like any man in a relationship, you try, key word here TRY to listen. I got a deck of new cards but also wrote a poem to go along with it.

The Game of Love........
by Brad Hale

Our love is like the cards we play, We play the hand we're dealt
deal and draw and discard, for a wild card to show itself
Everyday we cut the cards, finding where we stand
Are we high of low for the day, we check the card in hand
When in love we play to win, some just like the game
Hand after hand we raise the stakes, going for glory and fame
Its not a game of solitaire, but a give and take between two
We ante up the stakes get high, but whoever wins, I love you!

In the afternoon we ventured south to Manchester to see Caitlyn and take her out for ice cream after school. We went to Friendly's and had a treat and here she is opening a Journaling program for her computer pen she got for Xmas

Monday, February 11, 2008

Miss Whitney McNeil's Birthday!!!

Sunday brought an adventure. Leaving Vermont in a near blinding snowstorm, we were New Hampshire bound. You see, the young lady pictured here is Ms. Whitney McNeil. A freshman at SNHU and who just happened to be turning 19 on February 10th.

La La Lola is patiently waiting for her piece of cake, even foregoing all the attention she was receiving from Whit's dorm mates. Lola also garnered many invitations for sleep overs with all of the ladies.

The birthday girl blows out her candle. We can only wonder what the wish was?!? But the best things about wishes is that you must keep them a secret to come true.  We hope yours does Whit!!!!!!

Posing with the birthday girl is the Birthday Queen. Donna makes all birthdays her mission!
Whitney and Lauren! Living the dream (in a closet)! Amazing what a little decoration will do for a walk in closet!   

Before leaving, the redheads share hair secrets.   Happy Birthday Whit.....We love you.

Lola's play date

So here I am on my first play date. Mommy and Daddy
had to be gone for the day and asked Auntie Beth if I 
could over to her house and play with Remy and her 
new sissy, Harper.

This is my Daddy and baby Harper!

Oh my gosh!  I had SOOO 
SOOO much fun!!

I hope I get to have another play date soon.  It was such much fun to be around doggy friends!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

I LOVE the snow!

I have the BEST Mommy and Daddy!  They take me outside everyday to play in this WHITE stuff they call SNOW.  I just LOVE it!  

Daddy throws it up in the air and I try to catch it but I never can seem to get it all.  Mommy took some fun pictures today of me playing.

Lola in the Snow

Kodiak 1997-2008

Words can not express the loss we feel. This wasn't Kodiak's time to go and we are just heartbroken. There is a void in the house that all of us feel.