Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Deck space

How I spent a few hours on my days off!! A pile of lumber and no place for summer furniture.
Let's see how fast this will go. Posts and ledgers ready for joists, getting there quick. Called in to work OT, had to stop work for the day.
Next day back to work. Almost there, have to rebuild the rails. Building Codes yah know!
There!, deck space, summer furniture up and set, just have to add bottom trellis and finis'. Whoops don't forget a cold beer and some sun! Lola and Bella had to inspect the work of course.

Friday, May 23, 2008

All better

Can I please play frisbee? I'll give you a kiss!

Not until your stitches come out!

Take 'em out, take 'em out!!!!

I want to play frisbee

Thank you, aunt Bethany, thank you, thank you!!!!

I get to play now, right!, RIGHT! PLEASE.!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cait's Concert

Donna and I traveled down to Manchester to see Cait's spring concert. This was a 5th-6th-7th-8th grade event. We also were joined by Cait's Nana,(my mom). We were quite impressed with the level of musical ability especially the 7th-8th grade rock band.When the 7th/8th grade chorus took the stage it appeared as if the entire school was participating. WOW. Look at all of them. We heard music ranging from Irish ballads to the Beatles and onto the Doobie Bros. Great night!
Cait is 5th from left back row. Go Cait.

Monday, May 19, 2008

My assistants many faces!!!!

Brad was such a sport this weekend!  With me having a prom and a dance school, his weekend off was spent helping me!  It didn't stop him from having FUN!  By Sunday morning at the dance school he was thinking he was a ballerina!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Getting fixed

I didn't know I was broke!
My mom and dad took me to see Dr Bruce. He's a very cool Vet and funny. I like him. Not sure what I am doing here but I guess i'm in good hands

My dad helps Dr Bruce, he didn't need to help. I'm very good at taking medecine and getting shots. I didn't even flinch. "Dad, I feel woozy. I'm just gonna lay down right here, OK."

"feels like i'm flying......wheeeee!" I can hear my mom telling me she loves me.....I love my mommy!

"Wow!, Was I asleep?" Here is Dr Bruce and me after whatever just happend to me. "Why is my belly cold, Does anyone feel a draft?"

I got to sleep on dad's pillows. I don't usually get to. But i'm very tired and mom is right here too so all is good.

I had to spend the day sleeping. I did not like it one bit. I can't wait to play Frisbee, come to think of it no one has even mentioned Frisbee in front of me.

"SEE!!, SEE!! I got this scar on my belly"

I love laying like this, now I have something to show too!! " Will someone rub my belly, Please.....PLEase!....PLEASE!!!!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Helping out in Rhode Island

After touring RISP, we continued on to Narragansett to help Heather pack up her old studio and move to a new one. This is just one part of the job we had ahead of us. I was not long before Donna was rocking and rolling and we were making headway. The trash pile started slowly and just grew and grew. We found unopened papaer from RISP days (about 17 years ago), RSIP assignments, who uses that anymore? In the end we moved two jeep loads of cardboard and stock and 6 or 7 55 gallon trash bags. We sorted and boxed everything going to the new studio.

Unfortunately the new space was not quite ready, as you can see the painting was not finished and was being applied at a snails pace. You know the guy...ex-rocker, work ethic in toilet, real jobs too hard....I know I can paint.... Was way too funny watching this character work. Show up around 10am, start painting and by god it's noon time for lunch. What a guy!

I spent the morning of the next day reinstalling Heather's drop down backgrounds. AS with any install the studs did not line up anywhere near where i needed to hang the brackets. Only a few screws were sunk into wood the others had sheetrock fasteners. Don't fret reader I installed metal strapping from the extensions up thru the drop ceiling, tied into the joists above. In a phrase "They ain't going anywhere!"

After finsihing what we could it was time to break. We ate at a little Italian Resturaunte'. Try the spinnach pie!! yum yum. Rob, Heather's husband joined us after work. Don't let the smiles fool you, we were dead tired, well at least I was. Donna and I were happy to lend a hand. Can not wait to go down again and see it fully set up. Gonna be a cool studio. Check out Heather at or


RISP....for those not in the know is Rhode Island School of Photography...which just so happens not to exist anymore. Its owner having moved it to Boca Raton, FL then embezzled the student dorming funds finally leading to its demise. But! there is always a BUT. During its time was one of the most renowned photography schools in the country. With esteemed alumni such as, Charie Parker, Nancy Green, Kevin Macy, Beth Marengo, Kathy Nemec, Heather Shuman and many others including Donna.

Here it is....this is it......believe it.....I did not! One building! In a rough neighborhood of Providence. Webster Ave for those who know the area. Donna says it looks better now than it did during her attendance. The building now is a Church for the Latter Day Saints for Jesus Christ. WOW!

This FINE looking building is the dorm that Donna spent her years at RISP in. At that time this was a brand new duplex newly constructed just for her and Beth....not really....they were the envy of the other students when they learned of it. The door on the left is the side they occupied. This building does not look so good today, completely opposite of the school building. Just a side note a stabbing took place just houses away the night before we stopped and took this photo. Go Union Ave!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend trip

Cait, Donna and I traveled to Hyde Park this weekend. I was to attend a practical pistol shoot with friend Ed Davis, which just so happens to have been held in same town where Donna's mom lives, so it worked out perfectly to visit and have a place to stay. Cait and I got up at 6am to go to the range in the rain. We watched the shoots for about an hour and half until Cait was too cold to keep going. Here is a shooter running a course called "Window shopping"

After visiting for the rest of the weekend, we headed home and while going thru Waterbury decided to stop at Ben and Jerry's because Donna wanted to visit the grave of her favorite flavor "Coconut Almond Fudge Chip" which they had discontinued at the scoop shops this winter. We arrived to find the flavor cemetary had not been set up yet for the summer season. So what do you do? Go for the tour of course. Cait even found her favorite flavor, which just happens to be the number 5 best selling flavor.

Do any of these guys look like Ben or Jerry?

At the end of the factory tour we stopped at the scoop shop, and low and behold they still had..... you guessed it! COCONUT ALMOND FUDGE CHIP!!!!!!!! You can see here someone finishing hers.......standing next to the handsome man in black. .Oh what a day! As it says below Come Back Soon!!