Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lexie turns ONE!!

Hard to think Lexie is already a year old! She has certainly has found her spot in our family and in our hearts!

She loves her sissy's, in fact so much that she won't leave them alone. All she wants to do is play with everyone!

A year ago Brad looked at photos of 3 female puppies and he picked Lexie to be added to our family. The GoodHale family will never be the same!! Lexie adds much LIFE to our lives! She is our Tom Boy Party Girl!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Road trip to the OCEAN

What a way to spend the end of summer. Spending the afternoon at the beach. Just a mere 3 hour ride from home. Becoming an annual trip for us. Hampton Beach. NH.

Smooches at the beach.

Hang on boys, this water is cold!!!!

Ever have those days when you find yourself acting like when you were young. Nothing like playing in the waves.

Look at me, Look at me!!!

I'm flying!!!!!!

What a day!!!!!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

21 Backpacks!

Knowing the difficulty some families have in purchasing the required school supplies for their kids attending school for many years now Brad has always donated a backpack with school supplies for the school that Caitlyn attends. For the 3rd year now he has rallied the troops at the Rutland PD
the union has donated money to conti
nue the tradition. This year Patty did most of the work. Here is Brad with fellow dispatch, Patty, union president Joe Bartlett and 21 back packs that will be distributed to Rutland City Schools!

Spring Lake

Another lake to add to our list. We were headed to Lowell Lake in Londonderry but saw the sign for Spring Lake along the way and decided to check it out. Perfect temperature, sunny and a light wind. Perfect for just cruising around.

Lexie is really getting used to the canoe, he favorite spot is right here, not that its any more comfortable than any other spot but it where she can go and not having me telling her to sit.

Headed out!. Usually we do a shoreline circular route, today was no different.
Wonder if Donna knows I'm not paddling to take this picture.

Nothing like total of 80 pounds of dog to have to counterbalance. Every once and a while I have to do a quick weight shift to keep us balanced

Now that's more like it. Balance!!

"Hey Dad, I love this an all, but, are we going back yet, I need to run" "Please!"

Ever try to sneak up on a lily pad slow enough to allow your private photographer to take some great photos. Now try it with two dogs wandering back and forth looking into the water. Yeehaw!!!

I must have done good, she got a few great shots.

Been a while since we heard the eery call of Loons. Not since Groton. Just love to here them call.

Lola would not tlook at Donna for a picture, she was to intent and watching me load the canoe. Go figure. Even the treat word did'nt work.

"I'll look for a photo, Mom" "Wheres my treat?"

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Schroon River

I was on a mission to get another couple camping days in. I am always looking for something on the water. I found a GEM of a place in the Lake George area. This is River View campground. I guess it is a River view.... this is the view from inside our tent!!

Look at all the room and privacy we had!!

Could this be any more inviting??

Brad getting dinner ready!

We were lucky to even have the canoe with us to add another of body of water on the wall of fame!

Down over the side of the bank right next to our site. The water was as clear and clean as it could be.

Here we go for a canoe ride! Brad looking as handsome as ever! His walking and carb counting is paying off!!

More wildlife along the way! Brad tells me this is a Mallard, he even says it is a male one. Must have something to do with his markings

We just canoed and canoed down the river! It went on and on! We were the only ones on the River as far as we could see. It was so peaceful and relaxing!

Here is our site from the River.

Brad getting ready for our camp fire!

I am enjoying those inviting chairs and something cool to drink!

I don't think life gets much better then this!

Life is GOOD!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Roger the Third gets married

Here I am with my nephew, Roger Irving Goodhue III. I don't think I have ever seen ANYONE look so much as someone else as my nephew looks like his father. Even when we pulled into the church, Brad said "theres your brother" and I said, "nope, thats my nephew!"!

Roger and Melissa were married on Saturday. They are officially a family now. Between the two of them they have 4 kids.

I was the Aunt on this Saturday. Not the wedding photographer. I only took along my point and shoot camera and only took a few photos for the blog.

Of course when my mother saw me, the first thing she asked was where was my camera.

She wanted a photograph in her "Grandmother of the Groom" dress.

Ok, so I had to pose them for ONE! Here they are .... Mr and Mrs Roger Goodhue III

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lake Sunrise & Lake Sunset

It has been on our list for awhile to put the canoe into Lake Sunrise and Lake Sunset. We were a little disappointed when we arrived to find out the access to Lake Sunrise was not going to allow us to go. So here are Lola and Lexie ready to tool around Lake Sunset!

Along our ride we got to see lots of nature. Today we came across Cormorants.

Lexie and Lola do great just watching and not barking or JUMPING out of the canoe.

I get a SMOOCH in with my Superhero!

On our way home we went by Camp Sunrise where Brad went for Webelos Scout camp and later worked there. I will let him tell you about it...

Just a few short years ago, somewhere around 1980 Camp Sunrise became my summer home. I started working here, Bush Lodge - The Dining Hall. Summer camp life revolved around the dining hall. Funny I remember the porch roof being much higher. We were lucky enough to run into the Ranger who allowed us inside. He was the son of the Ranger who worked when I was here. Funny.

A treasure inside the hall, and I remember this from when I was here. It is a great original Norman Rockwell. It captures what we where doing at Camp, teaching those scouts coming up the ranks behind us, showing them the path, and hoping they returned to do the same.

1982 - I had left the dining hall after the '80 summer and became a counselor. Can you find me on the plaque? Thats me in the front "Snoopy". I was nicknamed that after a Sunday paper cartoon where Snoopy was with his Woodstock scouts. The name stuck as I was not much bigger than the scouts I was leading.

I guess we had no artists on staff my first year. Our plaque seems a little un-imaginative compared to 1982. As I read these names I can still see every one of them in my mind. Dirt, Mo, Apache, King Tut, and Boner, to name a few. WOW what memories. Little things kept popping into my head around every turn we took.

The Ranger let us drive down to the lake so we could put in and add to our canoeing list.

Care to guess why this photo is not framed as well as the one above? Poor Donna always has to settle for a picture shot by me.

Adding Lake Sunrise to our list of outings. We are keeping our log on the sides of our canoe.

Can't get any better. A day with my honey and the girls, two lakes checked off our list and a crap load of memories. What a day!!