Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our Frisbee dog!!

You read the title right. This cute little dog is a hell of a frisbee dog.

Out scouting locations we came across this beautiful field perfect for a game of frisbee.

Air time !!! This is a daily sight at our local park around the corner from us.

Who would have thought a Golden Doodle would be such an athlete?

She does love to play !!!!

Count them not one but two rainbows to complete our day!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

39 is the number!!

The sacred day was just a day away, that holiest of days. Donna's birthday. This year I surprised her with s Dinner and Dance Cruise on Lake Champlain. And yes, this is yacht wear! The evening temp was cool and a slight breeze was blowing off the lake. Perfect for a romantic night.

Our chariot for the evening. The Spirit of Ethan Allen III. On board awaiting us was an 18 piece orchestra band waiting to serenade us with their big band sound.

Tickets for the evening with our table assignment and menu card.

A self portrait is never more than an arms length away!

Check out the date on this receipt, exactly one year ago. I found it in the pocket of my pants, must have been the last time I wore them. Must be special party pants.

Bon Apetite. The meals were absolutely wonderful, Donna had the chicken and I had the pork. We dined to the melodies of the 30's and 40's with lakeswishing by our window seats.

Happy Birthday Donna!!

On deck enjoying the evening. cooling down from dancing.

Last moments of the day, as the sun sets over the New York shore. What a perfect evening.

5am on her actual birthday and she had to have her gifts when she awoke.
What'd she get. Gonna have to ask her!
OK, she got n E Z Pass for the Jeep. Now she does'nt have to stop for tolls, and memorial stones for Ellie and Kodiak

Of course we had to have cake, but we waited until we got home to share it with Lola who just happens to like birthday cake.

Happy Birthday Donna!!!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Time to cool off!!

Lola loves the water, she just hates getting in to start. I have to coax her in, but after that, can't get her out

Ready?, ready? Get it!

Lola, Harper, Remy and Brad cool off in Chittenden Reservoir on one of those few sunny days this summer.