Sunday, July 15, 2007

Meet LOLA!!

My name is Lola! My Mommy and Daddy got me in New Jersey. I am a Jersey Girl! Mommy got my name because her friend, Uncle Markie calls her Lola. Funny story you should ask my Mommy sometime. I am a GoldenDoodle!

The first couples days in my new home were tough. My Sissy, Kodiak didn't want much to do with me and I wasn't sure I wanted much to do with Bella the cat.

But I knew I was in the right home cause my Daddy would take naps with me. And Daddy gave me my first bath.

This is my Sissy, Kodiak and me. Mommy and Daddy told me she was very sad when her mommy, Ellie died. My job was to cheer her up!!!

Did I tell you my Daddy likes to take naps with me?

Me and Mommy at the Beach!

This is me and one of my Grand-pa's.
I am the luckiest GoldenDoodle EVER!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Six Flags Slide Show

My Superman!!!!

I never thought that I would get to live with my very own Super Hero!
He is nothing short of one!!!!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Groton 2007 Slide show

Highlights at Groton

This is Memere! If it wasn't for her NONE of us would have experienced our many years of pleasure. Memere WE LOVE YOU!!!

This is what Groton is all about......
some R & R.

Cards anyone??? Gillian, we are still playing Liverpool! Watch out, we will give you a run for your money this year!

Boys will be BOYS!!!!