Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another ramp!!

Time to build another deck and ramp. This time in Hyde Park, Vt. for Donna's parents. Ramp was needed for Ashley's electric chair.

The existing deck/porch. I needed to see the underpinnings before starting.

Some take a bird's eye view. I'm kinda partial to the a bug's eye view. Anyways you can't judge a slope from above.

Framework almost done, just a few supports and its time to lay decking.

Nothing like a little encouragement from the girls.

"See, it's level...."

"Now, is it measure once and cut twice or the other way around?" and "Why do supervisors get to sit in the shade?"

"Nope, measure twice, cut once!"

Just about there. Needs some railings for code, but we are almost complete.

Here's the bird's eye view. Top railing in. Anyone feel like they are looking down a ski jump?

Test drive!!!!

Getting the approach just right

"Yep, works both ways"

Spindles in and to code. "Is it time for a beer yet?"

Complete with grocery gate installed.

Can you tell I'm having a beer. Beverley is out cleaning up.

Just a final rinsing and it will look like new.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Fathers Day Gift from Donna. A 14ft Old Town Sportsman Canoe. Complete with cup holders, water tight compartment, and storage seat. Perfect timing as the Doctors at the hospital had advised me to get more exercise.

Maiden Voyage - Glen Lake

Gale Meadows in Jamaica, Vt. That is Stratton Mountain in the background.

Lola loves the water.

What a beautiful day to be out and about!!

"I got it first!", "No, I did"

"Um, are you going to throw the stick again?"

Who knew that Lola and Lexie would be canoe dogs too!

"Why is mommy over there and we are over here?"

Row, row, row your boat .....

"Can we go to shore now?"

Chittenden Reservoir

Donna and the girls take their turn. Notice who has to be close to mommy.

What a perfect gift. We are loving it. Especially since the girls cooperate too.

Thanks Honey, Love You!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Take me out to the Ball game!!

We got word that Richard's team was in the finals so we headed to Manchester to watch him play.
Richard at bat.

Richard on second, watching or the sign to steal.

"We are the Champions, my friends!" Final score 13-2

Richard with his trophy.

Coach Dad(Greg) and Richard with their trophies

Congrats on a great season!!!!!

Here is a slide show I did of Richards last game I went to!

Friday, June 18, 2010

The call you NEVER want to get!!

Imagine, being 1000 miles away, having the time of my life and just finished a great lunch with friends, about to head back for final hours of judging in Atlanta, Ga at the PPA International judging when I get a phone call from Brad telling me that he was being loaded into an ambulance at work with symptoms that everyone thought was a stroke. Thank goodness for my dear friends Mark and Jen for helping me think straight and getting me out of Atlanta.

Thirteen hours later a flight change and a tad over $400.00 I finally made it home to Rutland just an hour sooner than if I had come home on my scheduled flight. Thank goodness it was not anything cardiac, Brad was cleared after many tests ( Head CT, MRI, MRA, heart echo, heart untrasound) Ultimately it was a chemical imbalance in his blood that caused the episode.

PPA National Judging

Not only did I have the HONOR of judging at Professional Photographers Of America's International judging, I also had the HONOR to room with Mary and her upgraded room!!

Our adjoining roommates were Markie and Jennifer! OH THE FUN we had! Ask Mark about Gold Bond!

Not only did I get to room with Mary but Ken was a bonus!!

Being we were the cool cats to hang out with, Andrew joined us!!

Helen had one of her dreams come true with becoming a "biker chick"!

If being able to judge at Nationals wasn't awesome enough, I got to spend most my time with two of my FAVORITE guys!!

The NEW Dream Team!! And I don't mean bowling team!! I was on the album panel for 1 and half days. FUN FUN FUN, loved EVERY minute of it!!

Don't worry, even with the long hours of judging we were still up for food and drinks!!

Mark teaching the young lads how to eat wings!


They don't get any better then these guys!! LUV YA!!

Show me the LUV!!

It doesn't get much better then this... OK maybe if Brad was there it would have been a NOTCH better!!

and maybe we got a little crazy with the tub photos!!

My Buddy!! Drinking his local beer! Got to love him!!

Ken rooming with the gals! He knows where to be for all the FUN!

Don't miss out on this AWESOME video!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

tree DOWN!

Sitting at work and I get this photo sent to my cell phone. A clear sunny day and a property line tree in the backyard decided to fall down and take out our fence. Needless to say I would burn some leave time today to take care of this.

It couldn't just hit one section. I had to hit both the wooden fence and the chain link fencing

Here is the culprit. The crotch of a main leader had rotted below the heart wood and just decided it had had enough.


Beyond repair. New fencing will be needed.

Old twisted sum' bitch.

Little help from friends. Courtney Stevens' dad Randall to the rescue. Good man with a saw. Having worked in the logging industry I know a good sawyer when I see one. Many Thanks

Can I help?

Almost cleared!

Chunking up the last part of the butt end.

Postman asked for the wood. "SURE, take all you want!!!"

"Make sure you get all of it!"

Temporary fix. Had to keep Lexie from visiting the rest of the neighborhood

The scar. All said and done the tree still stands. Good news is that it leans away from us now!!!

Three days later on another sunny day this tree decides to come down on the other side of the house.

We must have gremlins living in the trees around here!!