Tuesday, August 26, 2008

17 backpacks!!

Knowing the difficulty some families have in purchasing the required school supplies for their kids attending school for many years now Brad has always donated a backpack with school supplies for the school that Caitlyn attends. This year when Brad and I started talking about it, I told him he should ask some of the guys at the PD if they wanted to help and start his tradition here in Rutland. Needless to say he got enough donations from the men and women of the Rutland City Police Department and the Police union to make up 17 backpacks stuffed with supplies. He delivered them today to 3 city elementary schools. Brad still kept his own tradition by doing a backpack on his own that he will drop off to Caitlyn's school in Manchester from him.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Donna with the Boys!

On Sunday we had a VPP (Vermont Professional Photographers) meeting in St. Johnsbury. I think I went more to meet the new boys then go to the meeting. This is William and Zenas (named after Bob's grandfather and GREAT grandfather). These little guys are puppies of Copper's sister. It was awesome having the puppies around for the cookout and getting all the puppy kisses. Lola is eager for them to grow up so that she can play with them more!
Lola was all SMILES with Memere! She missed her MUCH and wants to know when Memere is coming to visit her in Rutland!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

BFF- Best Friends Forever!!

So many of my memories from growing up have Lissl in them. Since I moved to Vermont in 2nd grade we were the best of friends, back then I think it was called BFF! It has been FOREVER, over 30 years and that is just SCARY to say. Somehow we have managed to keep in touch. Just a few weeks ago after sending Lissl an update about the blog, she sent a long an email letting me know that her and Brad (her husband) were renting a house on Lake Rescue. It just so happened that Brad (my Brad) had the day off and Caitlyn was with us for a few days. It was fun to share with them a little bit of my past. Many of our activities have to do with the Hale family and Cait doesn't get to see as much of my friends and family. Of course from the minute we walked in, Lissl and I were in gossip mode catching up. Above is Lissl with her husband Brad and their two children Devon and Aliza. They rented this great house right on the lake with a wonderful view, easy access to the lake and a hot tub to boot. The kids at first were'nt so sure about Lola but after a few minutes they couldn't get enough of her. And we all know how much Lola like to play that "F" word, and now she had TWO willing friends to toss it for her.
And by the end of the afternoon the request came to have their photo taken with Lola. They even let me take a few photos of them alone and together. What sweet little souls they have. Aliza was all into me doing photos of her and she certainly had an opinion where we should do them, gee I wonder where she got that from?? Devon was all about Lola, after 5 minutes he wanted to know if we could come back the next day so he could play more with Lola.

It amazes me how much time can go by, but yet the friendship never misses a beat. Brad and Caitlyn enjoyed the visit and we all felt like we had just seen them last week. We hope to get together again soon!!

President Calvin Coolidge

We chose to drive a scenic route to Ludlow to visit one of Donna's longest friends. I had planned to picnic at Plymouth State Campground that had once been the Boy Scout camp that I attended almost every summer. As the road twisted and turned in front of us we found ourselves driving past the birthplace of Calvin Coolidge 30th President of the United States. As we were all pretty hungry we stopped and had our lunch and decides to check out the museum. Paying our $20 for three passes and a gift we took the short guided tour of the homestead
As history fans that Donna and I are sometimes. When the mood strikes. We found ourselves along with Cait being drawn into the story of one of Vermont's two Presidents. Presidents hold a little favor with Donna who is distantly related to Grover Cleveland 22nd and 24th President.

The story unfolds on August 3rd, 1927 at 2:47 am here in Plymouth Notch where Coolidge's father Colonel John Coolidge, Notary Public administered the oath of office to his son after word that President Warren Harding had passed. By the light of this kerosene lamp and using the family bible pictured Calvin Coolidge was sworn
into office. A year later President Coolidge would establish his summer white house here and presided over the country for 20 days from Vermont.
Plymouth Notch has been perfectly preserved since Coolidge took office. Many of the buildings restored back to pristine condition. If you find your self driving through Vermont on Rt 100 be sure to take a few moments and stop, check the place out. Learn a few things too, we sure did.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Look who OWNS a TUX!!

How handsome is he??? Don't get excited everyone, it is not what some of you keep asking!! In September I will be installed as the President of Professional Photographers Association of New England. As president I will be attending all six state conventions and banquets, plus a few other events. Hoping that Brad will be able to attend SOME of them, last week Brad and I went to get him a tux for the upcoming year. We know at least three events he will be at and would need to wear a tux, so instead of renting one we thought it would be better in the long run that he own one. Not only is he HANDY, he is HANDSOME too!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

It is OUR Birthday

August 10th, 2008 A birthday for two.
My step-father Hank turned 75 this year, Donna turned ??, its not polite to ask. My mom took us all out for brunch at South Station in Rutland. Greg and his family, Donna, Cait and I, and Mom and Hank.
This is the motley crew after
finishing brunch.
We all had a laugh at some pretty funny cards. We are taking Hank to Quincy MA later this summer to visit his ship he was assigned to in the Navy. The USS Salem is docked in the harbor and is now a museum there. He has not seen it since he left it in 1954 or so. Check it out at
After brunch and goodbyes, Donna and I headed out on our next adventure. This is a shot of Donna and I at the top of Killington. I was hoping to have a romantic picnic that I had packed for us. But as luck would have it one of several storms in the area rolled in and we were forced down the mountain. So we headed to the next stop early, which was to be a quiet night by a campfire and some wine and each other. The rain kept coming, and the day turned to night way before its time. If we could have only crawled into my head where the picture perfect plans for the night were fabulous. We decide to return home and spend the evening with the drinks and watching the Olympics. I will have my work cut out for next year.