Monday, September 3, 2012

Dogs day of Summer!

No need for words  to understand what is happening in these images!! 

Lexie and Lola have the privilege of their best friends, Remy and Harper owning a pool! They often get invites over to go swimming. I was able to borrow an underwater casing for one of my cameras to play in the water with them.  HOW MUCH FUN!! I think we will be doing more of this next summer!  Thank you Auntie Bethany!!

Another on bites the dust!

Yep, they are dropping like flies! As you read in June we went to John's 50th birthday party! Now its Sharron's turn!
Here is the birthday girl enjoying the day on Lake Bomoseen! Family friends offered them their camp for the weekend. It worked out perfect being that Sharron was helping me with a wedding on Saturday.

Sharron has been my partner in crime for almost 20 years now. I am BLESSED to have her in my life!!