Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mr and Mrs Owens!

PJ and Sheri couldn't have asked for a better day for their wedding. Or a better location. Friends of theirs in the small town of Wallingford had a lovely home with a breathtaking yard.

I guess we should back up and have Brad tell you who PJ and Sherri are....
PJ is the only real surviving friend from high school so to speak. We both worked computer jobs early on at the same companies only at differnt times, We spent 18 years working together at Manchester PD. Many many years of mental health days( beer drinking for the uninitiated).

They did a lot with their Irish heritage and many little details that to me make a wedding. And trust me, I have been to a few weddings.

One of the great things that PJ and Sherri did was include PJ's son and daughter in the ceremony. This wasn't just about PJ and Sherri's commitment to each other but the commitment to be a family.

My favorite image of the day. It really shows how happy they are together as a family.

This photo pretty much sums up our friendship, there for the good, there for the bad and always, always with a beer.
Enough said

We took advantage of looking good to get a nice photograph of the three of us. Though I love our Groton photo each year, it is nice to have one where I got a REAL shower to start the day!

So the BIG question for ME was what do I do at a wedding as a guest???? Take photos, why not.... everyone else is!!

But boy was it nice to take a few and be done. I even got to eat some of the hordeouvres.

This is what Cait does at a wedding!!

This is what Brad does at a wedding!!
Hey! the food has to be quality tested does it not?

As a gift we printed out a few of the images I took with a 4x6 printer in the back of the Jeep and put them in the frame. It was a nice surprise for them.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Today is not about if it is sunny or raining. It is not about if you have to work or have the day off. It is not about yard sales or BBQ's. It is about for over 200 years men and women have lost their lives protecting our freedoms and liberties that allow us to live our privileged lives. This is what today is about!

Don't forget to find SOMEONE to thank today! Here is my step father who severed in WWII in Germany. I did a project using the  green screen with the VFW vets. It will be displayed this year at their state convention.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The deck is DONE!!

Wanted to make sure we posted a finished shot of the deck. The green really ties the addition to the main house.

We just LOVE it!!

Look two weeks with the flowers and they are still alive!!

The mix of colors looks so good. We really lucked out on getting the plants when we did. Several friends have gone back to get the same thing and they don't have any!

I am looking forward the summer of watching the flowers grow!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Mission Critical Communication Class

During a three day training session at the Vermont Police Academy, We had the pleasure of DHART stopping by and showcasing their bird and capabilities for us. Three days along with 5 other co-workers from Rutland City PD, three from Vermont State Police, one from Colchester PD, three from St J PD, and two dispatchers from Mirimar Naval Air Station in San Diego. Together we learned to think way outside the box when doing our jobs as Emergency Dispatchers.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cait's 8th Grade Spring Concert

A sweltering May night brought us to Manchester. Cait had yet another concert, only this time she had a solo. Go Cait!

Pheobe belts out the tune on her trumpet.

Weston jams to Sweet Home Alabama!

Hayden on rhythm guitar

Eric has a solo too. Not sure he's to enthusiastic about it!

Cait's turn, Finally a solo!!!!! Cait sounded great as you can hear below by clicking on the video. Great job Cait!!!!!!

And a one, and a two...... Please stop the bubble machine!( for those of you who don't remember these are a few words from Lawrence Welk)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Lola is TWO!!

Hard to think our little 5lb puppy is TWO! From the day we picked her up the first thing Brad said to her was "Are you a good puppy?". I don't know how many times I have heard him say "Lola are you a good puppy?" and her tail wags. Well I told him he is now going to have to ask her if she is a good doggy, she is no longer a puppy.

As you can see Lola had a happy birthday. She got a new leash to match her collar, new type of Frisbee, treats and some cool toys from her Auntie Bethany and her best doggie friends Remy and Harper.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another Graduation for Cait!

Well as the year wraps up Caitlyn is getting closer and closer to 8th Grade graduation! She has learned a big benefit to changing schools. At her old school they did 6th grade graduation and now at her new school they do 8th grade. Can't complain about that!

We took advantage of the nice day and the pretty lilacs to do the photographs for her announcement.

Of course Lola wasn't far behind and wanted to be with her Sissy in the photos. I don't even have to ask her she just comes right over and lays down.

Miss Bella wouldn't let herself be left out either. She followed us all over the yard to keep an eye on us.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

More Geocache in Rutland

Cait was up for the weekend with her friend Denise. When boredom arose I took them geocaching. We searched the Rutland area for several. We got skunked on two but found this one. I will not disclose the location, sufice to say its in Rutland Town not the City.

Returning the cache to its hiding place, waiting for the next cacher!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Spring has Sprung

Spring has sprung! Miss Lola looks so cute in the tulips!!

She will do just anything I ask her to do!! (sit ubu sit)

Another sign of spring! Lemonade and cards on the NEW deck!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day 2009

After having an AWESOME Mother's day breakfast and enjoying my thoughtful gifts from Lola and Bella we decided to plant the flowers that we got for the new deck

Neither Brad or I are green thumb kind of people, but we do our best and take lots of advice from friends.

I REALLY REALLY love the flowers we got this year. I hope to post many photos over the summer of them growing and not dying!!

Now that the plants were done, time to paint the Adirondack chairs PURPLE. I thought when I suggested the color to Brad he would veto it but he seemed to think it would be a good idea. Or maybe he is just learning I have a knack for this. Either way they look AWESOME! Thank you Mr Nemec for the chairs, I cherish them every summer we get them out!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Play ball!

A day off coincided with one of Richard's baseball games. Off we went to Manchester to watch. Richard's team is the Lions. Batter up!

Lola resting with Rachels after some heavey frisbee playing

Catch me, Catch me!!! Lola would not let the girls get her frisbee.

Now that is a level swing. Missed the ball but a great swing just the same.

Am I cute or what?

Rachel lost a loose tooth while playing. Hope the tooth fairy noticed!

Sisters, sisters, There were never such devoted sisters ....

OK, your guess is as good as mine, stop action photo during the game but someone was'nt moving?

Baseball card pose?

Richard gets congrats from his sisters.

Another baseball card in the making. FYI the Lions won 11-2. Go Richard
. Watching the game reminded of way back when Greg and I played Little League together. We spent hours at home practicing. He was a catcher and I played the field and relief pitched!