Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Hale's

The title I hope explains these shots. This is my famn damily. Donna did a portrait session for us so I could give them to our mom for Christmas. Little did Greg and Tanya know they would be recipients also. So in the back is myself and Greg, in the middle row is Caitlyn, Richard and Tanya and in front is Ranae and Rachel (twins).
You could not have asked for any better models for this session. everyone took direction from Donna without hesitation..even Greg.

This shot here was my idea. Quite a few years ago my mom had given us some of the family portraits for ourselves. It includes the photo we are holding of Greg an myself some 38 years ago. Knowing I had this photo I wanted one taken of us now with it. My mother claims we have not changed since just a little older.....I think her eyesight is failing..... I am very glad to have this photo taken. A lot of our childhood my brother and I were at odds with each other being so close in age and the standard sibling rivalries that everyone one goes through. But its been the last several years that Greg and I have had the best relationship. Must be the getting older thing. Anyways, thanks to Greg and his family for doing this for me.