Friday, April 30, 2010


Korea, here we come, ready or not. According to out seat back entertainment system on the Korean Air 777-300 this is our 14 hour flight route. New York, north across Canada, skim the arctic circle, cross the international date line, down across Russia and China, finally ending at our destination.

This is our room at the ArtNoveauCity Hotel in downtown Seoul. Luxury!!!. This is a shot from the window back towards the door. The stairs lead up to a sleeping loft. On the left going down the checkerboard floor area is a built in kitchen area and the bathroom is on the right. The TV is on the wall across from the couch. The whole systems including lights, tv, video, AC were all on one convenient remote control.

Donna, posing next to the PPK ( Professional Photographers of Korea, logo flag. Very impressive.

Earning my keep.
I got roped into reading titles of the prints for the competition. All titles were in English, and were literally translated, I took a few liberties in adjusting them.

East meets West.
PPK'ers pose with the American judging contingent.

Alright!!!! Korean barbeque!!!! Why did'nt someone tell me we had to sit on the floor? My knees are not what they used to be. The pits in the table would be filled with white hot charcoal and the beef would cook

right there ready to be eaten. I rocked the chopsticks tonight. I impressed our guests with my skills not only using them but tryign everything they prsented to me. Gotta be polite, right?

Banquet night. My plate is filled with sushi, kimchi, pickeled veggies, bbq meats, octopuss, shrimp, eel, etc. Needless to say there was not much there that made it to Donna's plate.

The Korean's really get the most entertainment for their money. Check this out, arm wrestling contest for the women in the crowd. The prize money won by PPA Kalean(in the blue) was donated back to the PPK.

Grand opening of the trade show!! Third in for this end is PPA's own Warren Motts, handle bar mustache and all.

Who said trade shows were a thing of the past. Not sure what's being sold but I'll take a few!!!!

Media frenzy in the Olympus booth. All were focused on the girls. Behind this throng to the right is the 2011 Nissan 300ZX. They are photographing the wrong beauty!!!!

Is this big american settling a bet on his girth? No! In a small basement shop tucked away in Itewon City, I got fitted for a custom tailored sport jacket. Not having the ability to return for a final fitting before leaving Korea, the shop brought up their top tailor to measure me up. Thank you Mr O!!! My black, with muted striping, 2 button sport coat fit perfect on arrival just three days after arriving home.

Group infra-red photo at the Gyeongbok Palace.

Gyeongbok Palace built in 1395. The emporer ruled from this estate until over run in the 1500's by the Japenese. I love the mountain in the background.

Our chosen photo to represent our trip!

Excuse me can you take our photo? Who do you ask to take a group photo of a group of photographers? Why no one thats who! Photoshop is an amazing tool! We are standing in front of Kwanghwa-mun ( the main gate ). Left to right Brad, Donna, Audrey, Warren, Kalin, Don, Doran, Andree and Mr Kim.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

J Man wins City Finals!!

It worked out great deciding to fly-out of JFK. We were able to spend a day or so extra before our flight with the Austin-William gang. As a bonus we went to Harlem and watch Jelani compete with his basketball team in the city semi-finals

#9 is our J-man!! getting ready for the game.

The press is on as Jelani puts pressure on the opposing ball handler.

Michael Jordan watch out. J-man getting air!! Swish!! and it went in!!!

Looking for the open man. Jelani after a re-bound.

Our man is a bull under the boards, coming up with the ball every time.

Taking the shot under intense pressure. And its good!!

Austin-Williams Gang. Mark, Tina, and Jelani
Our gracious hosts before our trip. Mark, smile, the camera won't hurt you!

Jelani and his Ninang( godmother)

The trip was not complete without a trip down the the hoops in the hood for some pick up B Ball.

While we were around, Donna used her skills as a photographer to shoot some promo shots for Mark's business FOOTPRINTZ, a basketball consulting and training program sending area athletes onto the pros.

Monday, April 19, 2010

VPP 2010

It was a little strange this year for VPP. Falling between NEIPP and our Korea trip, we spent as much time as we could attending while trying to catch up and get ready. This is a shot of good friend Peter just prior to changing inside the wardrobe. Donna bet Peter $20 he could not change for the banquet entirely inside the closet. Watch the video below to find out who won the bet!

Nancy and Courtney sitting out at the fire pit. Getting the pit lit proved to be a struggle. It was Earth Day on the coming Thursday but the Hotel was reluctant to light it in deference of using the gas. In the end the will of VPPers won out.

Immediate past and current Presidents of PPANE or also known as a couple QUEENS. Donna enjoyed watching Tom have all the resposibilities of attending a state convention as president.

Why are we smiling? lack of sleep? the thought of still having to pack for Korea? there is still the banquet to sit through? Who knows!!

This guy is smiling for reason all his own. Matt won a FUJI award!!! Way to go Matty!!!

Miss Courtney. Expressions newest family member. She has become Donna's right and left hand. By her expression I'm not sure, she is sure, about being a part of this family. Is there a photoshop expert around for red-eye?

Donna welcomes Janet to the VPP Past Presidents club .

Friday, April 16, 2010

NEIPP 2010

Hard to think NEIPP 2010 is here!! This was a close knit, hard working group, that was HAPPY to finally have the day here!!

This is the class that I assisted on, Jane Conner-Ziser. It was class of many familiar faces and some new ones. One unique thing, it was ALL WOMEN!!

And when all those women had to get together and make a ship..... anything goes! Here is Jane with the "Ship A Ho's" or "Good Ship Photoshop" Depends on the good girl or bad girl version you would like!!

In all my years at NEIPP this is the one I will remember. It was non stop learning, hugging, and laughing! The staff KICKED ASS this year!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Aunie Beth helps Lexie!

Keeping up with Tradition, Auntie Beth came to take Lexie's stitches out. These last 10 days have been a breeze compared to Lola's.

NO LEXIE, Auntie Beth is not playing with you!!

Look how healed and clean Lexie incision is!! Thank you Auntie Beth, your the BEST!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Birthday with Caitlyn

We did not get to see Cait on her actual birthday, But we did get to see her the next day which just happened to be Easter.

We had a very adult brunch at the Victoria Inn in Wallngford, Vt. Very nice atmosphere, great staff and quite a spread

Happy Birthday/Easter!!!!

Tip to new parents, If you use a creative spelling of your child's name, be prepared to not be able to find anything with a correctly spelled name. but every once in while you do find one.

Cait tears into her presents!

Cake followed Easter Dinner that Donna and I prepared. Bev and Ashley and Hazel and Hank were all able to make it.


by Bradley Hale

The time has come
You are turning fifteen
I hope you will become
A safe driving queen
The test date is set
Hope your ready to go
Its time to prove
Just what you know
Warning signs vary
in shape, color and size
better know their meaning
just a word from the wise

when can you pass?
And when to use your lights
Just a few of the questions
I hope you get right
With permit in hand
I’ll give to the keys
Stay in the road

And out of the trees
For the next year
We’ll be right by your side
Watching and teaching

As you learn to drive

Ashley and Bev heading home. Been a longtrip as they stopped in on theri way home after being in Florida for 3 months. Posing with the girls.