Thursday, July 31, 2008

Helping out

Someone needs to support the local economy!! My brother did just that.
Greg bought a new place and moved in and was in the process of building a new porch and also needed a shed built. But the only time we had was a night after work. So at 5 pm I pulled up to his new place to begin work. I showed up with my compressor, nail gun, worm drive saw, some assorted hand tools.

Greg had already built the floor platform for a solid 10x10 structure. So for the next 3 and half hours we framed the walls and front door, cut and installed rafters, placed strapping for the siding and called it a night. I think we got a good head start on the shed. Also shown is the porch he and his father-in-law started, still needs a roof.

This is my niece Rachel. She is showing off the scar she received from a scooter accident just few weeks prior. She flipped a scooter and ripped the L shaped gash in her calf. She was up and playing the next day.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lake Monsters

This is steadily becoming a summer tradition for us. Attending a ball game in Burlington. We do love how the Lake Monsters have a fabulous family atmosphere and there is fun throughout the game. We had hoped Greg and his family would attend with us, but they are very hard at work getting their new home set up and ready to move into. We a had perfect ball weather. During the game I just happened to look up at the people passing by as I was sitting in the first row. And who should be passing by but our Governor Mr Douglas. I immediatly said ' Hello, Governor and stuck my hand out and shook his hand. He said it was some different game then the last one huh, like we had been here together before. Go figure. After the game walking back to the shuttle I pointed to back of the man walking in front of us and motioned to Donna. She looked at me like I was nuts or something. SO I called out ' Kevin Macy" and guess who should turn around but Macy himself. Donna just looked at me asking how I knew it was him from behind without seeing his face. Just a gift I guess.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Jelani turns 9 & Lola's 1 year Gotcha Day

Hard to think that it has been a year with La La Lola!!! Brad and I can not imagine our lives without her. From the minute we got her she has been nothing but a joy!! Anyone that knew Ellie and have been around Lola would agree that Lola is Ellie reincarnated. I knew when I found out that Lola was born on the day that Ellie passed away was a clear sign that Lola was the new addition to our family.
Not only were we celebrating Lola's Gotcha Day, it was Jelani's 9th birthday. What a fine young man he has grown up to be. I am soooo proud to be his Ninang (Godmother). It was very special to having him with us for 2 weeks this summer. We are all hoping to get at least that much time with him next summer!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Another room adventure

Ever have a problem closet or none at all. This closet is the bane of our lives. Its a nice big closet. Its two rods deep which means there is a whole row of clothes BEHIND the first row. Ever try to mush hangers aside that are already jam packed against one another. Whatever you are thinking is correct. IMPOSSIBLE. And to further make things interesting these shelves were around the corner and empty because you could not get to them. Next came my favorite part of any job. Demolition. I love to tear things apart. Se we opened up the whole wall exposing the entire closet. I then built another wall and ceiling making the shape of the closet into an L. This will increase rod area and make all clothes accessible. I will try to stake claim to a little extra space for myself (wink wink). I added iron pipe rod, there will be no sagging under weight of our clothes. The closet was only a residual part of the project the main focus would be to transform the room into one that would make the room into Cait's own sanctuary. As you can see in the final photos that we succeeded. I was not sure about the paint color even if it as Cait's favorite color. But Donna pulled it off with her great sense of color by adding the new bed covering and finding the wall dots online. What a neat idea these vinyl sheets cling to the wall and are peelible to move easily. I also had to add a new circuit for the lights for the closet. We found this flexible track light and i added the new circuit with switch and woalla, lights!
Needless to say that we were all tired after three longs days of working on the room. But of course the look on Cait's face when she saw the room made it worthwhile.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Jelani stays another week.

After Groton and all the camping gear was stored. Jelani was to stay an extra week to attend Rutland Rec basketball camp. For the next week we headed off to camp at the Keefe Gym every morning at 9am until 3pm. This young man everyday got up and made his bed, got cleaned up without any prompting from us. At night when it was time for bed he shut off the tv and the lights with out any word of complaint. One would only hope their kids turned out as polite and thoughtful as Jelani. Each morning we packed up his lunch and off we went. At camp each day was another skill. defense, offense, shooting, ball handling and games. On Friday the last day of camp, Jelani was surprised to be picked up by his dad Mark

In the afternoons Jelani spent time at our friends pool in Pittsford and playing with his god dog Lola. Lola loved having someone to play with, being chased around and someone to chase as well.

Groton faces!!!

Each year we look forward to the sights, sounds, and smells of camping at Groton. More so we look to reconnect with friends. Here are some of the MANY faces at Groton......

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Let DANCE!!!

Emily spent the week teaching Cait a dance that
she learned in a dance class at school.
By the end of the week Cait was getting her groove on!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jelani's first swim!!

Jelani had never been in water any deeper than his ankles. But by the second afternoon he was in the water and learning to swim. Here he swims with the help of life jacket. By the end of his stay with us and swimming in the pool at Lori's he was without the jacket and swimming across the pool and diving in. Great accomplishment for this young man.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Groton 2008

On our way!! We are loaded and set to go. Donna, Brad, Caitlyn, Jelani , Emily, and Lola. The trailer, Jeep and the Saab were all loaded with gear This will be Donna's 15th year at Groton, Cait and My 2nd year and everyone else it's their 1st year. Jelani is Donna's godson, Donna is his fresh air family(He is from Jamaica Queens NYC). Emily is my best friends daughter and good friend with Cait who was able to attend this year.

Here is the group. What a fine looking bunch!
This photo was captured by our good friend Mary Mannix , more about her later. Mary had rowed out into the pond in a tiny dinghy and took this shot for us. What a trooper she was. With the light fading and some drifting she was able to get multiple shots of us and various combinations.

Once again we had come to the dam to pay respects to pets that have gone on from us. Kodiak left us after a short illness, the Vet described as a blood disorder that caused her body to fight itself. Donna and I both believe she left us suffering from a broken heart after the loss of her mother Ellie. We sent Kodiak off to play with her..... I feel the tears coming to my eyes now writing this remembering her. Kodiak will be missed, especially by Lola who definately did not spend enough time with her sister. Not only did we honor Kodiak this year, but another golden friend... Copper! It was hard enough to feel our own hearts break but to see Bob, Lauren and Keil deal with the same loss. You will be missed Copper Man!!! There is much comfort to know that Holly, Ellie, Copper and Kodiak are all together at Groton.

Now.....This is Mary Mannix. Mary flew from Chicago just to be a part of the Groton experience. After years of being invited and told stories about Groton, she relented and arrived mid week. We set her up in our leanto and she became a member of Azalea. We hope it will be the beginning of annual trips to the east for her...What do you say Mary???????

This is how you enjoy an afternoon on Ricker Pond. Get your floaties, drinks and snacks and head out. What a way to relax. Hot sun, cool water, hot chick, cool man. This is what its all about. Groton 2008 came to end but memories were made, friendships renewed, new relationships formed and experiences to share with others. How can you lose!!! One note to self .... remember sunscreen next time or listen to Donna when she says i'm turning red!!!!