Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bath time!

In our house we call this Daddy and Me time!! Brad is the official bather of the dogs. I guess he had lots of practice with Caitlyn and poopy butts, because this is not my cup of tea!!

This is Lexie in her first SHOWER bath. She has never been wet head to paws!

Lola is no stranger to her bath time!! What a good girl, NEVER gives Daddy a hard time!

Daddy got the first layer off, but it was time for a REAL bath!! This is the girls getting dropped off for a PROFESSIONAL bath!!

After bath time, it was picture time. Mommy and me time!! After photographing Lexie for her 6 months photos, I couldn't help but want to compare to her 2 month and 3 month photos. OH MY she has grown!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bob Barker says....have your animals spayed and neutured

Its OK Lexie, pay no attention to Dr Bruce. NO, that is not a needle. "OUCH!"

"I thought you said it was not a needle?"

"Daddy, I feel tired, do you feel tired? I feel tired!"

"Daddy, hold my head up so Mommy gets my good side, did I mention I'm tired!"

"Am I flying ... I CAN FLY!!...weeeeee!"

"When can Lexie play, huh? Does she have to be in there?"

" Why am I in this cage?, and why does my belly hurt?, not to mention I feel a draft, does anyone else feel a draft?"

Monday, March 8, 2010

Back to Anniston

Once again I headed back to Anniston, AL for more training. I already received my Instructor certification now I would train for a specific course. I would be attending WMD (Weapons of mass destruction) Standardized Awareness Training (train-the-trainer). For several days I learned to train first responders in awareness and identification of chemical, BIO, explosive, nuclear, radiological threats to our country.

As you can see the Center for Domestic Preparedness was busy this week. Each of these represent a class number, acronym for the training and the number of trainees attending. I was in 10-03 SAAT, we had 37 attendees. These classes go on all year long, and thousands of emergency responders pass throught this training center. I am now an Indirect Trainer for Homeland Security.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Our first book signing!!

After finding out that one of Donna's and mom's favorite authors was gong to have a reading nearby I made reservations for Me, Donna, mom, and Courtney (Donna;s friend/assistant) to hear her read from her latest novel.
Jodi Picoult reading from her latest novel.

Ms Picoult has been busy, she has written a book a year for 17 years. Almost all have been read, handed around in the little reading circle of Donna, my mom, my sister-in-law and now Courtney.

Donna and Jodi have a laugh during the signing.

Mom decides to stop the process and hold up the hundred people behind her with a question or three.

Jodi noticed me taking the third picture of our signings. Hey Courtney, I'm over here!