Monday, May 31, 2010

Mini Vaca to Maine 2010

Off to Maine!!! Weekend at Bernie's!!! We started out at 5am on Saturday morning (I just got off work at midnight). Donna drove for the first couple hours while I napped. Somewhere deep in Maine we decided to take a short cut (rte 90)and came across this beauty of a truck just sitting waiting for a photographer to come along.

I would love to restore this great truck. I would drive it to work every day if I could!!!

We also stumbled acrossed a lot full of old Land Rovers. Each in their own state of dis-repair. But they constituted another photography break!!!!

The Penobscot Narrows Bridges. Then and now. The old bridge was deemed unsafe and a new super sleek bridge was built to replace it. There is an observation deck at the top of the eastern suspension tower, with fantastic views of the area.

Donna and I at Fort Knox located at the Narrows. I just noticed I should be looking into the viewer instead!!!!!!!

Bernie, Bernie, Bernie! I love it when photographers are subjected to their own torture!!!!!!!

I love this photo of Bernie and Rickey. I really captures their personalities. It will be a great business photo for them. That is until you see the one below!

Rickey Montes ..... What can I say ... Donna takes a great photo ( ha ha ha)

OK, this is a great shot of the boys. It will be a great publicity photo for BEL Studio!!!!!

Off to find a geocache!! "are you sure we have to go down there?"

"Yes we do Rickey, come on Bernie!"

On the trail .... second part of a multi ....


First time geocachers Rickey and Bernie after a successful find. Congrats!! Sorry for introduing you to a very addictive hobby.

We stopped off in Old Town where Donna lived for a short time. She wanted some photos for Mom and Ashley.

And did she get some great ones!!!

Back in Weekend at Bernie's .... Bernie made a very sinful dessert called "Better than Sex cake". Not so sure the title is correct, but I should probably do more comparisions (wink wink)

Rickey and another of his many skills. We had a most excellent breakfast from Chef Rickey with custom omlettes!!!

Another day of FUN!!! Off to play mini golf....

Rickey and Jessie, right where they belong. Bad Rickey, Bad Jessie!!!

Our mini golf foursome.

Nothing is off limits for a putt to win!!! Go Rickey!!

The end of 18 holes. Competition was tight...

The winning foursome is .......

Yay!!! We won, we won!!!! nanananana

Another chance for geocaching. #2 for Rickey and Bernie, and first time for Andy, Rachel and Jeff.

The carzy people you find in Bah Haabah ( Bar Harbor for those of us who can pronounce an R )
Rachel, Jeff and Andy think they are in The Litttle Mermaid or Finding Nemo

Aaaaawwwww, shucks! Thats a great shot.
(Just hurry up and take the damn picture this north atlantic water is freezing!!!!)

See I told you, very cold water makes for very red and cold feet!!!!!!!

Thunder Hole at Acadia National Park. Do you see the indian chief?

Vista views from Cadillac Mountain

From this angle Andy does look like he is scaling a cliff. From the face on angle the people walking the trail behind him might be a clue to where he actually is.

Hanging out with my honey on top of Cadillac Mountian

"Wait for me!!!!!"

Another photo op!!!!

A rousing game of Ladder golf, slingers, bolo toss, testicle golf, or what ever your name for it. It was a tight game until Jessie stole the win with a hat trick!!!!!

Apple to Apples. new game for the Goodhales.

I loved the game, Look out Groton this one may emerge many a night!!!!!

Jessie! are you peeking at Rickey's cards?

Back to Fort Knox for a photo shoot.

Jessie was a beautiful model. The fort was a great background, filled with natural light and cool textures.

The GoodHales!!!

Bernie and Andy.

Rickey and Jessie.

What a fantastic group shot!!!! What a weekend!!! Thanks to a great cast of characters. When and where for the next one????
Don't miss out on the cool video below! There are stills and flip video!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Courtney's first pedicure

Vacation, mini or not it calls for a pedicure! After telling Courtney what my plans were after work, she shared with me that she had NEVER had a pedicure!

Well, I needed to take care of that. So a little bonus for her hard work during the week, I took Courtney for her first Pedicure!!!!

In the end, she wasn't "weirded" out and even enjoyed it. I see many more in her future!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Time for the flowers!

It's that time of year again. Off we went to get the flowers for the deck rail boxes! With all the sun and warm weather, lets hope we don't have to bring them in as much as we did last year.

Lola with her fear of anything touching her and Lexie just wanted to chew on it. No confusing them!!

We had such great luck with the flowers we got last year that we got the same this year.

The larger flowers are Verbina and the small white ones are...(can't remember, just know they look good and are hard to kill)

Brad filling the bucket with soil

Something new this year was this great new plant for the bucket.

We did switch and put the Verbina on the outside and the other on the inside.

We look forward to a long summer of beautiful flowers!