Thursday, May 31, 2012

We are getting MARRIED!!

Filing for our marriage license .... no test!!!!!

All legal to marry

Thank you City of Saratoga! Get ready!! There's going to be a huge party in town soon!!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Shower Spa Day!

I think getting married is certainly a time when you find out how well your friends and family really know you!
Well my friends and family no doubt know me well!! You see the LAST thing I would have wanted was a shower!  What I got was a SPA DAY!! Yep, that is right Bethany, Gina and Leslie planned the PERFECT day for me at Five Elements!
Not only did they get the spa part right, the gifts were AWESOME too!!
Not the shower that the mom's were expecting or would have planned, but by the looks of it I think they had a great time!!

NYC was even in the spa!!

I guess only fair that I was at Gordon's bachelor party, that he be at my Spa Party!
RELAXING time was had by all!!  Thank you Ladies for the PERFECT shower for ME!!

He is TALLER!!!

Holy growth spurt Batman!! Jelani has reached a milestone, he's taller than his Ninang!!!! She's not too happy about it!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wedding Ale is ready!!

Just two weeks of fermenting and the GoodHale Weddin' Ale is ready for bottling!
Labels ready for application. Big Shout out to Charlie Parker for his creative design!!

Donna hanging bottles after sterilizing them.

Ready to fill,

Capping them off!
The final product, the only thing left is consumption.

Almost in tears, brewed, bottled, cased.... its like a dream come true!!!

Must have put something special in the brew, seems to attract pretty women!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

GoodHale Ale

Here it is the secret recipe. Donna and I traveled to Nashua, NH. to brew this specialty beer.

Measuring out the 
grains for steeping to make the wort.

Next is malt, glucose and honey.
                              Steeping the grains in the kettle.

Flavoring and bittering Hops.  Fermenting yeasts. This should be good!!
                              Accurate measuring ensures great taste.

                              Adding the malt to the wort.
Smells like beer!!!!
                                              Mixing the batch!!! I wonder if I can come here everyday???

                              The happy couple in front of 6 brewing kettles.
                           The final wort before being transferred to fermenting.

                              Adding yeast for fermentation.

                                               Tagged and bagged. See you in two weeks for bottling.

                                               We had a great time, and learned lots about brewing beer.  Check out this place at

                                      Who better to design a label for us than Charles Parker. Can you say cool!!!! We will have the best looking bottles of beer for the wedding!!