Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Girls

The Girls......

This is Kodiak. Her Uncle Peter named her.
She was one of Ellie's puppies. Yacky Yack Kodiak!

Meet Bella the CAT. I have to tell her she is a cat all the time because she really thinks she is a dog. Her sister Annie, lives with her Aunt Lori and Uncle Terry. I am not sure who enjoys playing with who more, but these three play together ALL the time.

Here is LA LA Lola. Her name really says it all. The newest member of the family and she fits right in. Brad thinks she is Ellie reincarnated. Which is very possible being that she was born on the day that Ellie passed.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Birthday Queen Slide Show

The Birthday Queen

If you KNOW me you know that I am the BIRTHDAY QUEEN!!! I LOVE my birthday. We all get ONE day a year that is OURS and I do the best I can to make it a GREAT day. A great day to me is having my friends from near and far to share my day with. Ever year it gets better and this year was no different. If it wasn't enough to have one of my favorite musician's, Todd Thibaud there I still had many surprises to follow. My dear dear friend Heather and her husband Rob came from RI. Heather and I went to photography school together and she was the closest thing to a roommate without paying rent. LOL

Another special part of my birthday was Mary coming in all the way from Cincinnati. Considering how much she travels it meant a lot for her to come all this way. She got to meet Brad and give her OK! And lets not forget about my Jeep being stolen at the dealership. It made for a very interesting few days!