Sunday, July 24, 2011

Party Time!

Hard to believe but we all must except that Jelani is 12 this year!! Not sure where all these years are going but they are certainly flying by!

To think last year Olivia had a hard time sitting on her own and now she is a little person herself!

I am not sure if it was the adults or Jelani that had the most fun with the pinata last year but it made another appearance by popular demand.

We were not to be disappointed in the laughs and fun we had watching the kids try to take it down.

At least this year Jay had help from Jack! Brad did an awesome job keeping the kids guessing where the ball was, but not too hard that they gave up!

Even at 16 Cait was in on the fun!!

Not a birthday party without candles and cake! Takes a bigger breath to blow out 12!!

The Williams-Austin gang! As you can see not long before Jelani is taller then BOTH of them!! Happy Birthday Jay! We love you!!

Laser Tag Birthday for Jay

For J's birthday, Tina and Mark rented out Gorilla Games for a couple hours. Laser tag and video games!!

Getting outfitted for combat!!!



Book of Eli

Cait and Tina waiting in ambush!!!

Tina in combat crouch waiting for the enemy. (imagine all this to insanely loud blasting music(Disturbed))!!!!

Jack taking aim!!!

Is that the Rock?? Dwayne Johnson in the house!!

Not sure i Mark should have been outside with a gun?!?!!!!

Kill, Kill, racking up the body count.

Mark taking Jelani hostage. Time for a well placed sniper shot!

Mano e' Mano

After several rounds of combat it was time for video games, unlimited. These are some great seats with speakers in the headrests.

The birthday man channeling Ali. Go J-Man.

The Great Escape Birthday Visit

After working 80 hours this week and ending it with an 18 hour shift and getting home and in bed at 7am, I was awoken at noon and being told we were going to the Great Escape. I was not the most pleasant of people at that particular moment.

We met the Austin?Williams gang in Fair Haven and headed out. On arrival it was straight to the water, Jelani and Cait doing the slides.

Cait in the spray!!!

OOOH mama!! Tina in the spray!!!!

Are we having fun yet?? Donna relaxing in the shade.

Woot, Woot! another beauty in the spray!!!!

The gang's all here. What a great day we had even though somebody was dead tired!!!

And away we go, remember "if you aint first, your last!!

Cait had a faster car, passing me on the inside!

At the end of the day Donna and I take a ride, Not sure if it was supposed to go upside down!

Time to sleep!!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cool off time!

After a hard day of basketball camp a refreshing dip in Glen Lake was in order.

Of course we had to cross the lake to a special spot that we take the dogs to. Donna parked and walked in from the road. J and I took the long way.

Skipping stones, what better way to spend the afternoon. one........two........three ......four....five..six nineteneleventwelve.

Showing off for the camera!!!

Not to be outdone!!!
Not bad for an old fart!!

That was great, but .... we have a long paddle back. Jelani got pretty good at canoeing, after he found out you don't hold the paddle like a baseball bat.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

B-ball 2011

Another year of Basketball camp at Rutland Rec. for Jelani! This year he was moved up to the next age group!

Amazing to see how much his skills change from year to year!!

The camp was a different week this year which seemed to fit the theme of the summer being a whole new routine for us!

Also new to camp was GIRLS!! Fun to see how many kids friend-ed Jay after camp week on Facebook! Yes and there was GIRLS on the list too!

Would be right not to get our picture with Coach! Keeps track of how much Jay has grown! Do we think next year he will be as tall??!!?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Union Ave Girls

Hard to think we graduated 20 years ago! Union Ave was the street I lived on when I was in photography school. The girls in the house thought it was time to have a get together before Heather headed off to Germany again! Even though Heather never officially lived at the house she was our honorary roommate being she spent as much time there as we did. Kathy joined us her 1st year at RISP and our second year. Beth and I lived there both years and survived a couple other crazy roommates.

It was just AWESOME to see all the kids get along and how the mix of age was just perfect!

The boys seemed to stick together and the girls seemed to find their hang out spots!

We had a perfect day for the kids to play in the pool. Not ONE issue, no crying, no complaining, not a peep out of the kids! Just shows you what AMAZING parents they all are!

Even the dogs played and got along!!

We have all kept in touch over the years but never have we all gotten together with our families. Thank you Beth and Mike for hosting us! I hope we can make this a tradition!!