Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2009

If you ask any of my roommates from college they will tell you I am not a halloween fan.  In fact I think I have gotten away with avoiding this tradition since I was in about 4 grade.  You see I lived in California in the mid 70's when the big scare about people putting razors in candy.  It just didn't seem like much fun as a kid to watch your parents cut a 1 inch candy bar into 5 pieces to make sure it was safe.  From that point on, I never understood why we would celebrate WEIRD people and give them and excuse to behave badly.  So needless to say I did a pretty good job having NOTHING to do with Halloween.  Well this year Brad and I were invited to Danielle and Steve Schutt's house for a party.  My biggest fear had come true, the invite read... COSTUMES ONLY.  Being that Brad works at the PD with Steve and I knew them from years of doing everything from SR, wedding, and family portraits, I knew there was no avoiding this.  So the search started on what we would wear.  After looking at the prices in costume stores, we decided we would make something.  Or should I say Brad would make something since this was his gig and not mine.  We ended up finding an over size pair of handcuffs and Brad went to Walmart to buy grey sweatpants and tee-shirts and a can of spray paint.  He spent all of $21 for all of it.  He made the perfect inmate apparel.  So off we went to the party.  Did I have FUN you might ask???  I enjoyed being with Brad and his co-workers but I would have much preferred all of us to have our regular cloths on.  Knowing how I am pretty good about taking snap shots of this stuff you must be wondering where the picture is of us??????  As fate would have it my little point and shoot camera was stolen out of the Jeep.  The only photos on it was all the COPS dressed up for Halloween.  How funny is that!!!  We are working on getting at least one of the two of us from the host of the party to prove that I did dress up!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MEMS Field Hockey Season

We all enjoyed Cait's Hockey season, even Lola! We were really proud of Cait playing the whole season in EVERY game. She is a power house on defense and always able to let her teammates know where they needed to be. GREAT job Cait!! Below is a slide show of the season and the games that Brad and I were able to attend!

Being and 8th grader does have SOME benefits.... you get your own slide show!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Matt and Angela got MARRIED!!!

I am not sure if Angela and Matt knew what they were getting into when they invited all of us photographers to their wedding. They certainly knew what they were doing when they picked the weekend  and  the location that they invited us to gather. I really don't think the weather or the day could have been any more perfect. Add to it the PEAK of foliage, in the
North East Kingdom, on top of a mountain with a beautiful bride and groom.

If you want to see 7 happy photographers, add all those elements up and 2000 images later and thas is what happens. Matt and Angela were troopers for letting us have the run of the show. What made this day fun for the photographers is that we all had a small part of responsibility. None of us felt like we were working, it seemed more like a VPP shoot out.

Even Matt couldn't keep his hands off a camera!

Matt and Angela seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day, I don't think Matt and Angela  saw Bob and Don in the background, rightfully so they couldn't take their eyes off each other!!

If it wasn't enough to have the 7 of us running around with our camera's and being entertainment for their other guest, they even asked one of us to be part of the ceremony. Chris shared a few words with the happy couple!

You can see none of us came under prepared. I should have done a count in how many camera's we actually had there.

So 2000 images later, 7 exhausted photographers later, Charlie wins my award for the favorite image of the day. Now don't get me wrong there are many, many, many, MANY awesome images. In fact you can check them out at...
The pass word is PAYEUR. The reason this image of Matt is my favorite is that if you didn't tell me Charlie took the image I would have bet the dog and the house that Matt did.

Matt and Angela from the bottom of our hearts we can't thank you enough for the INCREDIBLE day we shared with you. Your thoughtfulness of our personalized medals, eating first in the buffet line, but more importantly just thinking to invite us means so MUCH to all of us!!

A hilltop service
with foliage views
family and friends gather
in the outdoor pews
six image makers
under an October sun
capturing Matt & Angela
together becoming one
under maple canopies
of orange, reds and golds
memories of your day
preserved by thousands of
-Brad Hale

Saturday, October 4, 2008

1881 Farm

If you can not tell this is a barn at the 1881 farm in Rutland Town. Every year the Hathaway family plants a new corn crop and maze. This year was a very Vermont theme. With many Vermont iconic images cut through the several acre field.

Cait and Phoebe pose at the beginning the maze.  We were given a punch card to record any of the 8 hidden punches within the maze.

This weekend DJ Vince and Aubrey were up from the Boston area and joined us on the venture. Don't they make a great pair. "Come on Vince....SMILE!!!"

Speaking of great couples, .........  She's the Brains .... He's the brawn .... or is it the other way round. Not sure if Donna was trying a new WWF move on me or what.  Can you say  atomic suplex!!!

Help!!!! we're lost!!!!

Is that a way out....... nope, just a tease...

I'm thinking up would be a better way out of this, Don't you?
These types of signs were scattered throughout the maze, did'nt really tell you how to get out quickly..

Funny??!!??    ha ha

See.... another damn sign not telling us how to get out. We did find Cait and Phoebe. They were back in the maze after already find the exit.

Thank you.... Thank you.... Thank you.....  Let's see its only been and hour and half since we started!

Covered picnic area... these guys have thought of everything. And the advertising dose'nt hurt. 

Vince and Aubrey.... Hope it's not milking time!!!!!

The Goodhale's +1 get down on the farm

Strike a pose.!>!  Check out that gold dome on or capitol building... Any guesses as to why we a gold dome? email us your answer.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Picture Day

Being a portrait photographer Donna believes that at least once a year she should experience what her clients do. So off we went. Having our portraits taken is all about finding the right setting and the right photographer. We traveled 3 hours with four kids in the back (Cait, Lola, Bella, and Phoebe) to be photographed by one of Donna's early mentors Jay Kennedy. Upon arriving Jay said he had the perfect spot for the shot.
Fall in Vermont...everywhere is a perfect scene. Just be careful when using a field. The local gentry may come snooping to see what is going on.
Cows aside...animals can be amazing, just check out Lola and Bella below


Where's that cow going??


Be looking in the mail for our pick on our holiday card!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Autumn has come to Vermont and this year more vibrant than ever. I thought I would share a couple of my favorite images from the fall. Travel down any backroad or highway in Vermont and you maybe blinded by the beauty and color.

Travel far enough...say on top of a mountain in the Northeast Kingdom and you may catch the moon.

You might not be able to leave!!!!!!