Monday, July 26, 2010

Lake Hortonia

Another body of water checked off. Lake Hortonia was a second choice as Lake Dunmore was a little more choppy than we wanted to be out on with the dogs. Lexie and Lola wasted no time getting into the water.

Being the dominant dog, Lola will not let Lexie retrieve the stick.

Poor Lexie is always coming up short as Lola will snap and growl at her to keep her in place.

Sometimes Lexie forgets or ignores Lola and wants the stick herself

Sorry Lex, another time.

Ready to Shove off! We had a great time out and about on the lake. As luck would have it the wind was against us on the way back. Sad to say I make a great sail, the paddling was just a tad harder to say the least. But we made it back safe and sound.

Donna , the Girls, and the SS GoodHale

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jelani turns 11 !!!

Ninang was VERY happy that she got to host another birthday for Jelani! This year he hit the big 1 1

Being a Spain soccer fan, the official cake represented the VICTORY for Spain in the world cup!

Lexie had new smells in the house of a baby!

Here is Jelani with many of the men in his life.

Lexie wanting to play with Baby Olivia!

Dad thinks he is tall enough to hold the piniata for Jay to hit at, we advised him that was NOT a good idea!

Uncle Vinny made it for cake!!

Some last tips for Jelani on how to get the big hit for all the candy!

Here is the birthday boy with his cake!

Making a wish to get all the items on his detailed birthday list!

Uncle Vinny and Mark reminiscing about the "good ole days"

Jelani's cousin, Olivia sitting on the same love swing I had taken photos of Jay a little older then her.

I can't wait to take this again in a few years!

The WHOLE gang is here!! Jelani got to have his entire Vermont based family together for his birthday!!

Jelani with his grandparents!

Aunt Joann making sure he is disoriented!

The Jay Man hits it with his best shot!

Mom and Dad watching proud! Where did 11 years go??

Sexy Lexie, not so happy being stuck on the deck and not helping Jay!

Brad in control of the difficult level!

When all else fails, beat it to death!

The Face of SUCCESS!

Jay's Uncle looking over his shoulder at his new game of Magic, The Gatherings

Admiring his new game cards

Jelani and Lexie for his 11th birthday and her 1st in only 30 days!

I did this same photograph with Jelani and Lola 2 years ago on his 9th birthday and her Gotch Ya day!

Lexie was much more into the cake then looking at ME!

Somebody had enough of Ninang taking photos!

For all the bragging I do about my Godson, I wanted to show that he still can be an 11 year old SHIT!

The girls enjoying the ice cream cake!

Jelani making his little cousin SMILE


Look what a bunch of crazy adults can make a baby do!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Outback PIZZA

For a few months now we have been talking about going to the Outback Pizza. Neither Brad or Courtney had been. You would think living here in Rutland that you need a passport to go to Killington. Well as promised it was the BEST cesear salad and BBQ Pizza they had EVER had and exceeded my memory!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Count down to the BIG 4 0 !!

I know it is hard to believe, but it is TRUE! My 40th birthday is August 10th!! Can't think of a better reason to have a BASH! Hope all my family and friends will be there!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend with Cait!

Cait came up for the weekend. We decided an afternoon at the lake was in order. We loaded up a lunch and drinks, the canoe and headed out. Glen Lake on a gorgeous day, nothing better.

Of course not everyone or everything fit, so here I am heading back for Cait and stuff after dropping Donna and the dogs on the opposite shore.

Way way over there!!!!!

Almost there!

Final approach!

Cait and Dad.

Sunnin' and floatin'

Donna and Cait. I'm thinking they should both float back to the other side and save me a extra trip.