Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

Rutland is the place to be for Halloween! Location of the best and the second biggest Halloween parades in the country. There is a huge story behind it and you will here about further below.
This is the 50th anniversary too!
We waited patiently in the rain for the parade to start. Even Lola enjoys the parade( sort of). Not sure what Lexie is doing.

This would be Lola's downfall for the night. As the dancing skeletons passed Lola panicked and slipped her collar and went on a blind run. I chased Lola the length of the Walmart/Price Chopper parking lot before catching her near the movie theater. Never run so hard in my life.

The floats were themed throughout the decades of the parades existance. Here's a float representing the 50's

Nothing to be said here, just my alter-ego!!!!!

Superman swoops by along Merchants Row. Very little work for him here with RCPD on the job!

Another 50's theme

The BOO mobile from Pittsford Fire Dept. Our good freind Terry Kieth drives this every year for the haunted house.

Celebrating 50 years

One of the 50 Candles accompanying the float. Can you guess who this is. Thats right Officer Steve Schutt of the Rutland City Police Department.

Scary, Scary! not really just the jack-o-lantern signifying the end of the parade.

City Police new DUI van. Great graphics.

The following day we Stopped by the Chaffee Art Center to see the Halloween exhibit featuring Tom Fagan the founder of the parade.

We also got to see some local artist works hanging in another exhibit.

Here is the Man, Tom Fagan. Fagan was great friends with many artists and writers for the large comic insutry particularly DC and Marvel Comics. Many of the artists partied with Fagan in Rutland. The Rutland Parade has been featured in comics from both companies including the Avengers, Batman, Justice League and Thor. Considered the first crossover, a stolen car of an comic artist was written into the plot of a DC and Marvel comic by the writers and unknown by the bosses . The writers were warned not to do such things again.

Reproductions of the comic covers featuring our parade done by a local artist.

These remind me of my years as an active superhero. Now that I'm older my alter-ego activities have waned.

Cait and Meghan posing next to the Beast. In this episode the Beast( think pre X-Men) is picked up hitch hiking by some comic writers and brought to Rutland prior to the parade.

Cait does her best Wonder Woman pose. Maybe superpowers run in the family?

Nothing like a stroll thru the graveyard.

Batman guards the Chaffee Center. Unfortunately sometime during the night he was attacked by vandals. Where is a superhero when you need one?

What can I say, a SUPER Family!!!!!!!!

Weekend OFF!!

A WEEKEND OFF!! And boy do we need it! Between my busy season, PPANE and now getting Lexie, it was nice to have a morning that I didn't have to RUN out of bed.

The first couple of nights with Lexie, Lola did not want to be on the bed hanging out with Lexie. She would wait till Lexie was in her kennel before she would get on the bed. Nice that she is OK with being on the bed together now.

We tried to stop and see my Aunt Pat on our way back from getting Lexie. She had an appointment and couldn't meet up with us but suggested stopping on her way to my Uncle Seth's house the following weekend. I was happy she got to see Lexie so small like she did Lola. Aunt Pat is a big dog fan too!!

Lexie is to small to look over the rail and to big to stand under. I am sure in a SHORT amount of time she will see over the rail.

Our first walk on a leash.

Lexie had her big sissy to show her the way.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dr. Bruce

So what are we doing here???

HURT, why are you telling me it won't HURT??

Who is this Dr Bruce??? What is he going to do to me??

Ok, your right... he seems like an OK guy.

OK OK OK, is he done?? Phew... it didn't HURT!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bath time!!

Stinky butt! Time for a bath!!

Is this REALLY necessary??

OK, well maybe this isn't too bad. The water is nice and warm.

Thanx Daddy, I do feel better!

We survived our first bath!

Friday, October 23, 2009

NYC 2009

What and exhausting day. This city can wipe you out. We started in Jamaica,Queens, took Long Island Railroad into the NYC Subway landing in Penn Station. We actually popped above ground right next to FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) where Cait hopes to go to school. We checked out Times Square, Macy's The M&M Shop. Saw the Naked Cowboy. Walked several neighborhoods and souvenier shops, and for the finale' of the day we made our way with Tina to the top of the Empire State Building just after dark. What a spectacular view. Then back to Jamaica, Queens for the night. Like I said exhausting. Would'nt have traded the day for anything

Lexie gotcha day!

Lola with her Dad's sister! Boy do they look alike!!

This is Lola's Dad, Gus!! Can you tell this is where she gets her good looks from???

Lexie thanking her Daddy for picking HER!!

Daddy and his new girl!!

Lexie had to make sure we all got kisses!!

And then she found my ear rings!!

Nothing like a puppy to make you laugh

DETERMINATION is Lexie's middle name!

I was SOOOO happy that Jelani could go with us to pick up Lexie. He just loves our animals so much, it was nice that he could be part of her first day!

Hey Lexie, follow ME! I will show you the ropes!

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY face is on Lola!

UMMMM, is she REALLY coming with us?? Are you supposed to be in there??

I am cool with this!!

All settled in for the ride home!!


Is that leaf moving??

Jay man with his new God Dog!!