Thursday, December 31, 2009

Punch Buggy QUEEN

I'm not sure what the official count was but Donna kicked my ass in Punch Buggy. So here is her award for the being 2009 Champ. Maybe I was hoping to start with a new slate for 2010

Monday, December 28, 2009

The McNeil Ladies

It's official, Christmas is complete with the visit from the McNeil ladies!!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Deuso's visit

Another set of friends I had yet to meet. Jay and Missy (Donna's cousin) They were home from Iowa came down from Morrisville
Jay reliving People's Academy basketball from 20 years ago on Facebook

Hey!! looked who stopped by all the way from Chi-town ..... Jenn Wideawake

Deuso's and Goodhales take a snapshot for prosperity .... well maybe just the blog

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Hales have arrived!!

This would be Christmas #3 for the GoodHales.
Renea and Rachel looks for their names on the tags.

A party spread of mini corns dogs, pizza, chips and dip, smokes sausages and meatballs. mmmm good.

Nothing like playing Wii on 52 inches. Jelani and Richard engage in sword battle

Renea and Cait play some mini games waiting their turn for the Wii

GoodHales in da house!!!!!!

Lexie and her sissy.

Greg and Tanya with their gift .... can ya guess. Something Greg uses everytime he stops here.

A Kuerig coffee machine

Complete with coffee k-cups

Cait asked for money -- she got dollar coins and 2 dollar bills.

Little hard to spend

Hank opening dvd sets from Greg and family

The Hale clan kids. Wanna take them home?

Renae collecting a few bows

Donna and the quilt my mom made for her. Custom colored for our bedroom.

Two quilts for christmas. Of course mom related everything that went wrong while making them, stuck fingers, sewing machine breakdowns, etc. etc.

Tanya shows mom the bracelet Cait made for her.

Renae seems to have found more bows

I think Renea has been around Lexie too.

The Hale clan ready to leave. Don't let the door hit you in the ass, time to go, see ya next year ...... just kidding.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Chirstmas 2009

A partridge in a pear tree? , nope three cards in the christmas tree.

Lola, Lexi and Bella waiting to open their stockings

The goods from Santa. several frisbees, chewie toys, treats some stuffed animals.

Donna shows off her new necklace. Made by her handsome boyfriend (wink, wink)

Cait and her stocking .... anything good?

Cait checking out one of her favorite gifts every year ... an Itunes card

Lexie relaxing with a chewie while the family opens gifts.

Lola snacks on treats from her stocking.

After the stockings were opened and a hardy breakfast we all returned to open our gifts.

Cait made out, look at this pile!!!!!!

Lexie's first christmas morning photo with her mom and sissy

Dad gets a photo taken also

Cait shows off the necklace she made for Donna. Very creative and beautiful.

Can anybody tell what my favorite christmas movie might be, second year in a row I got a Christmas Story lamp gift.

Cait in a sweatshirt from the college she hopes to attend.
FIT - Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan

A picture from this summer at the beach in a custom frame

Cait also got a BBA fleece complete with logo, name and class year '13. A one of a kind to wear with pride.

I don't like to display my alter ego much but this shirt from Donna is very cool.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Chirstmas Eve

Can you tell if Caitlyn like Brandy-balls?

I was home for dinner on Christmas Eve. Cait had arrived for her stay. Donna's mom had given us our yearly delivery of Brandy balls, We love them.
Don't have to worry about her sneaking down to have a few.

WE were very excited to have Cait with us for Christmas this year.

Donna's family has a Christmas Eve tradition of opening one present. We let Cait open one too. A new charger for her camera she got a few years ago and coincidentally her same camera was wrapped up and presented with the last photos she took in 2007

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Austin-Williams visit

Only a few times a year does the Austin-Williams clan make an appearance in Vermont. This Christmas was one of those rare events. As you can see Lexi and Lola were very excited to see Jelani, even violating the no jumping rule.

Everybody loves to open presents, but most are not this careful about it.

"Lemmee see, lemmee see" Lexi wants to see what Tina got

"I really like your boots, do thy have names?" " Can they come play with me?"

Nothing like watching a boy and a dog interact.

Jelani with his year in pictures compliments of a photographer he happens to know.

Tina tries on her new bracelet, designed by yours truly.

Mark loves Jelani's photo album, all pictures and no words

The gift of the night. A special present from Donna to the Williams boys. Mark made the trip just to be here for this gift.

Father and son share a moment reflecting

Tina takes time to enjoy the gift.

A custom sports poster.

Generation to Generation - To be a team you first must be a family.

Photos are of Mark and Jelani playing B Ball in the park Mark grew up playing at.

Donna was so excited to give this wonderful art piece.

Of course every year this little turqious box with red ribbon appears from Jelani. Any guesses? its Tiffany's. ( this little gift from Jelani takes a lot of pressure off me for christmas( ha ha )

It was not the box or the earrings for Jelani this year that donna valued most it was this note Jelani penned to her that melted her heart. ( Ninang is Fillipino for godmother)