Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hampton Beach 2009

Just days before a trip to the beach, Cait fell off her porch at home and thought she broke her ankle. Bethany was kind enough to check her out and the Xrays I had the hospital send up. No break, just a good sprain. Thanks Bethany!

Fun in the sun!!!! Donna had a meeting in Nashua, NH so we decided to go to Hampton the day before and enjoy the beach. I was a great decision!

Cait posing in the surf and we caught a smile!!!

With a busy summer schedule, it was great to relax and enjoy the sun.

Father and daughter time, it was our only visit together all summer. We made the most of it.

Bathing beauties, enjoying the sun. I don't know how we did it, with all the rain we had this summer, including the ride over, when we stepped for the car the sun came out. Go figure?

Is the a marine biologist around? we have a beached aquatic mammal here.

Cait and I battle the surf. Lost footing several times for brief and up close look at the ocean bottom.

Cait and Donna a little father out. ( wheres the undertow when you want

The day just made us smile. We're having a great time.

Beach Pose!!!! suck it in Brad!

I think Donna could get used to this. Cait looks like she's content, don't you think?

Hand me a beer from the cooler, it's right here, this one, can you get it for me,I don't want to reach over. Please can you get it for me?

Sun, surf and text messaging?

Thanks Dad!

Thanks Donna!

Last moments at the beach, so relaxed we can hardly walk back to the Jeep.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Jay Man turns 10!!!

The birthday Queen has to make sure everyone has the perfect birthday.

Todays birthday featured my good friend Laura, my father, and my godson Jelani. Being that Jelani was the only one I got to see, he got the royal treatment.

Our little man turned double digits this year.

What's a party with out guests??

Whats a party without gifts?

Don't know who is more excited about the Wii Fit, Mom or Jelani?

And we wonder where he gets it from?

Jelani and his Ninang

Mom and Dad show off 10 years of hard work!

The Fresh Air Family re-unite !!

Jelani and Uncle Vinny

My two favorite men!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Grad gift in July

Cait had a surprise waiting on her next visit.

More gifts!

A designer leather purse from Bethany !!!

A new beach towel from the Marcottes.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Road Trip- Peter's 50th!!

Funny, where ever we go there is somebody near that we know. Ms Whit and Drew for instance. Whit is a Rutland girl who just happens to be dating Drew who is from Plymouth, Ma where we were heading for our friend Peter's birthday.
Dinner was in order and the Olive Garden just happened to be close by.

This is how to spend a summer evening with a friend. Peter had a roaring fire and some cold brews on hand for us. Peter, your the best!!

Here's the man on his day! Happy Birthday Peter !!!!

Ken Wilson dropped by with a bagful of 50th gag gifts. Peter is laughing already.

The BIG five-oh !!!!!

What should Peter wish for ????? hmmmmm. He has a great wife, great friends, a TV channel ( History Channel) what more could he want?!?

Ever have one of those day? We did. After riding around the area and smelling a putrid stench. We finally realized the jeep was leaking something. Sure enough a clamp had wore a couple pinholes in some transmission lines and fluid was leaking onto the exhaust. Guess what in MA no garages are open on sunday not even a Midas!?!

The solution! Epoxy putty on the leaks and a custom fashioned shield from sheet metal to deflect the fluid around the exhaust. We stopped several times to keep the tranny fluid topped off, but made it home. No damage to the transmission and new lines were installed the next day. Special thanks to Scott the neighbor an engineer by trade who made the shield in minutes!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Family Fun Day

Summer time fun comes in all sorts. Greg and his family came up to Rutland. J was still here and the games began. J and Richard compare notes about game strategy on the Gameboy DS

Rachel and Lola relax on the deck.

I know you've seen this game before. We had a few rousing games of Ladder Golf, or Hillbilly Golf, or Ninja Golf whatever you prefer.
Rachel cheerleading for her father.

Donna in mid-toss. I'm sure it was a point or two. She can be deadly at this game.

We heard the music long before we saw the truck! This was the first time any of us had stopped the Ice Cream man. He goes thru the neighborhoods daily in the summer. What a great treat!!

I scream, You scream, we all scream for Ice Cream !!!!!!

Enough rest, back to the games! J has the look and wills his toss to score.

I take a break in the shade, Rachel enjoys the moment with her favorite(only) uncle!

Renae says . "Nothing like a popsicle on a hot summer day!"

Richard was dead on today, He scored many points for the team.

Greg on the other hand started off over throwing many shots before getting his groove on. Would you like plans to make you own set of ladder golf, stayed tuned another informercial in the works