Monday, February 22, 2010

Convention season 2010

What a way to start off convention season with Mark and Jenn!! After I told myself last year that I needed to take a year off from the convention scene, there were a few friends I just couldn't say NO to. Massachusetts and Ohio were the two. WHO can say NO to Nancy and I was going to be able to spend time with the Garber's I am not going to miss that!!

Nancy STILL in her recovery stage with the new knee's. Let me tell you, I will NEVER let anyone do to ME what Nancy has gone through. Bless her heart. We got to spend a lot of time hanging with Nancy in her room. Might as well be cozy!!
The highlight of Ohio was that I got to meet little Miss Charlie!! Can you tell she is a Daddy's little girl?? Who else would convince Mark to carry that bag??

Each night in Ohio we snuck out to have dinner and quality time together. I was SOOOO HAPPY to spend time with Charlie!!

Isn't she the most beautiful little girl you have seen. I just feel in love, but then with Mark and Jenn as a Mommy and Daddy, what else would you expect!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Room for us???

Seems like bed space for us to sleep keeps getting smaller and smaller. Now that all of our animals are comfortable enough to sleep together, the room for humans is in short supply. Ms Lexie like to come up and plop down on the pillows between our heads during the night (nose in my ear and butt in Donna's face)
Lola will snuggle next to whoever is warmest that night, and Bella sleeps an the other side of Donna's head.

Whitney turns 21!!!

FINALLY!!! Whitney turned 21 on February 10th!! Yippee!! Brad and I met up with Whit and her mom Patty and boyfriend Steve at Sabby's. Drinks and dinner were had by all. We landed next at the Downtown Tavern for a few beers and several rounds of Darts. Of course Whitney kept the jokes and story telling going. I just can't help but laugh and smile when I am with her. She is one of the most entertaining young ladies you could be around. I am VERY proud of her determination and not letting what life has dealt her hold her back. She is a pure example of "It is not what happens to you in life, but how you react!" Great things are in store for Miss Whit. Her hard work and humor will get her through anything!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Father/Daughter Dance- Happy Hearts Day!

Can I go, Can I go? Lexie wants to go to the father/daughter dance too.

Cait opens her Valentine's Day Card. We are ready to go out to a Father/Daughter dance that the senior class of West Rutland was holding as a fundraiser. We would later find out I was a few years late in taking her, as all the other daughters were 10 or 11 and younger. Oh well, it was the thought that counts so instead we enjoyed dinner out.

Cait's first little turquoise box. Can you guess?, Do you know the significance? It's from Tiffany's

What is it? What is it?

A silver peace symbol necklace and earrings from Tiffany's

Love you Cait - Dad

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Family First!!

After receiving many calls from my parents (Beverly and Ashley) in Florida, it seemed necessary to plan a trip. My parents are there and not doing so well. Ashley has been in and out of the hospital with pneumonia and my mother overwhelmed with being so far from home.

So how Brad's mom figured out that my parents and her sister, Avis were in same state, same town, same park, is just amazing. REALLY, they were only about a five minute walk from each other in a park with over 1100 homes in it. I asked Hazel if she would like to visit her sister, while I was helping out my parents.

Hazel and Avis really enjoyed their time together. I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful jewelery that Avis makes. I guess that is where Brad gets it from!!

By my last day Ashley was feeling better and starting to take 5 minutes walks. The
pneumonia really took away his strength. My mom and I went shopping and went to the flea market. She was happy to get out of the house a little. It has been a long few weeks for them. I hope they get to enjoy some of their winter vacation!

My mom and Hazel seem to really enjoy each other. The both love Nascar, country music and their grandchildren. What else more do you need to talk about!!

Oh and lets not forget the Punch Buggy, RED!! My parents were not up to picking us up at the airport so we rented a car. Being part of the Emerald club we got to pick our car from the lot. How could I resist being I am the QUEEN of punch buggies!!