Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Gone again, another project

I tackle another project while she's gone CLOSET SPACE!!!!!! One of the only lacking features in the house is closets. So, with a 4 foot knee wall along one wall created when the addition was built i ripped into the wall exposing what would become the new closet / bureau / entertainment center for our room

With the wall completely opened and new supports i'm about to build in the black bureau on the right (always need drawers, some people more than others)

The closet takes shape along the left wall including hanger bar and track lighting along with an outlet. This left a small space in the center which will house DVD storage for the ones you see in front of the bureau section

Doors have been added and several coats of black paint are going on. Above the closet is a small space to house miscellaneous items

And we wave our magic wand, repeat the follow "Alla-peanut-butter-sandwhiches" and POOF!!! you get the following

Not bad, Huh!!! Thats not a picture above thats our LCD I mounted on the wall. Some finishing touches include new lights and wall mounted mirror and all cables from the DVD, cable box run behind the wall up to the TV