Sunday, November 27, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree 2011

Christmas Tree Time!!! Is it me or does this one seem just a tad smaller than our previous ones. All I know it was the best on the lot and Donna stole right out of the hands of another family looking at it!!!

I don't use hand saws that bind and stick due to the pine pitch. POWER TOOLS baby!!!

There are always some final adjustments, just tweaking the base screws getting the top to lean a little more to the right.

If this picture had sound
you could hear ' Rockin around the Christmas tree, Have a happy Holiday'. Cait thinks I'm nuts

Now placement of the ornaments is a science. Some are sets and need to be together, others are to similar and need spacing, and god forbid there be any blank spots!
"Is this OK, Dad?!"

"Looks good to me Cait, Hey why are all your ornaments in front and at eye level?"

Donna filling in the holes left by the other two!?!
For those who know those ornaments in her hands are Ellie, Kodiak and Amelia!!!

Job finished, time for a group shot!

Our animal even love to gather around the tree. Lexie has been waiting all year to lay under it again. She got her wish right up until Donna put all the presents under it and she had no place to lay. Meanie!!!

(side note: taken by Donna with no one else home to assist getting the animals together)

Donna's 2011 ornament.

Queen of the Punch Buggy Game!

The GoodHale ornament. Getting tougher to find new ones each year!

Brad's 2011 ornament. He does love getting mail!

Cait's 2011 ornament. Care to guess what this one signifies?????

Merry Christmas from the GoodHales!!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

5 years later!

5 years seems to have just come and gone in a blink! Wasn't it just yesterday that we were IM'ing and talking on the phone before finally meeting? I guess when you find your match time does just stands still ( see "Big Fish" starring Ewan McGregor)

Taking my favorite Gal out for our Anniversary. We went to one of our favorite spots Fire and Ice in Middlebury, VT. We love the experience, decor and the food there. Try it out, you won't be disappointed.

What a great 5 years, can't wait to see what the rest of our lives bring together!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Vegas Baby!!

So one morning Donna woke me up and told me she had booked a wedding in Las Vegas. As part of the deal she had negotiated me accompanying her on the trip.

Who could refuse? So off we went to VEGAS! After the WORK was done the PLAY began. One of our stops was Margaritaville!!

We got this great stern seat booth! We had a great over view of the entire restaurant.
Has anyone seen Jimmy Buffett?

Paris from the Bellaggio.
And might I say a great looking couple.

They told me the casinos were huge but how did we end up on the cobbled streets of France??


We hit every casino on the strip.

The garden in the lobby of the Belaggio was decked out in a autumn theme. Every statue and creation was made completely of flowers. Except old man tree here.

Viva Las Vegas!!!
uh huh!!

Freemont Street was a blast. Donna and I walked the length checking out the sights, sounds, and locals?!?

Just another street creature featured along Freemont Street. Glad we made it here on our last night. We should have done the zipline!!!

While in SIN CITY we saw we managed to see two Cirques - Kriss Angel at Luxor, and "O" at the Belaggio

Tourists doing the town!!

For the past few years I have heard about the infamous MONOPOLY slot machines. Well here they are. Donna proceeded to turn $100 into $500 and play all week on the same $100. What did I do, tried some slots, but found myself at the blackjack tables. Won some, lost some. But who cares we were having fun.

New York in Las Vegas

Lobby of the MGM Grand

Nearing the end of the strip on our casino tour. New York, New York behind us. Mandalay Bay to our right, MGM to our left, the Luxor and Excalibur we near.

A big thank you to the happy couple who made our trip possible.

Maybe we'll be back, I've been practicing my blackjack.